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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Frankus_maximus</b></div><div>[quote\] He's actually pretty good, models his game after Gallagher. He had 16 pts in 19 games when he started in the AHL and received a lot of praise for coach Troy Mann. He continued to impress at the following rookie camp and preseason but unfortunately got injured long term. Sens have had an insane prospect pool the last few years that's why he completely flew under the radar.

I wouldn't trade him as a throw in or anything like that. I would in a package like that but if not, I'd much rather keep him. He fits the Tkachuk/Formenton relentless style Sens are trying to build.</div></div>

A lot of people don't read or watch videos that quote twitter feeds from the likes of Elliot Friedman (and others). They would have to google something and from all the comments on the "teams" posted here you can tell they don't read a damn thing or watch anything lol.
For example, you still run into Hawks fans in denial that they are about to have a fire sale. The Hawks GM himself said to the press that the only guys he isn't talking about moving are Kane, Toews and Jones. The only reason those three are exempt is because they have full no move clauses. So the press guy asked him again to be sure and he repeated that statement. Everything is for sale except those three. Logically, if they waive their NMC, they are for sale as well. Apparently Kane has already said in the past that if they start a rebuild, he is gone. All the big talking heads from the sports networks and real world evidence (look at the Rangers) show that a complete rebuild takes about 5 years or so. So people say they would never trade A. DeBrinkcat. He is awesome and only 24. Well as the big talking heads with years of experience, training, big lists of contacts and access to the staff on the teams and players say, 24 now but by the time they even consider even just making the playoffs, he will be 29. Add another 3 -4 years maybe to compete for the cup. Now he is almost 35. Is he still effective? Maybe, a big maybe. He won't stay if he can't win a cup before he retires. I get that the fans are loyal to the death but the players aren't. They want the cup and after that they want the money. Some are reversed. They can get a lot more for him now than years down the road and the picks would be useless for the rebuild then. But in the meantime, they want to tank the season to get a higher 1st round pick for at least 3 years in a row. You have a bigger chance of doing that with bad players rather than good ones. One other side effect I noticed that people completely ignore sometimes here is that a team still needs to reach the salary cap floor of just over 60 million dollars. That is why teams take those bad contracts that are enormous in exchange for draft picks. "The (insert team name here) decline. (as if they worked there lol, sad and pathetic)" Well I hate to break it to those guys your team will take those to get to the floor and to tank the season. Not forever obviously but for the next 3-4 years yes they will. Hell, Arizona called the Canucks two weeks ago letting them know they are looking to take bad contracts. So yes some teams would take the Murray contract for a midrange draft pick. It is literally a freebie draft pick. But you can't tell this to a many on here or that a prospect is good now compared to when they last heard about them two years ago. Hell, some people think their favorite player on there team is worth Nathan MacKinnon sewn to Conner McDavid with Ovechkin's arms strapped to him and an extra set of eyes from sid the kid.
Disclaimer: No offense intended to Hawks fans. Just the latest example of a team headed into rebuild mode. That isn't a bad thing. Look at my Rangers :)[/quote]

This dudes on another planet! What are you even ranting about. Nobody's talking about debrincat or saying that the hawks aren't rebuilding. Reichel is only 20 years old. He barely got a sniff in the league so far. They're not trading him for cap dumps that the hawks don't need since they're already well above the cap floor. Maybe it's time to stop believing everything you read and start using some common sense.