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1 avr 1994
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<a href="/users/villenash" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@villenash</a>
The more I think about this the more I like it. But I just have a gut feeling that Poile won't let Sissons go. He will either protect him or leave him unprotected if he has strong reason to believe he won't be taken. He is a "glue" guy on the team and a really solid depth piece. There is a reason we gave him a 7 year contract.

Jarnkrok is having a career year, but most of us had trouble figuring out where to slot him in at the beginning of the season. Tbh I think I had him on my 4th line. He will be 30 next year with one year left on his contract. Sissons is only 27 and will be looked at as part of the core during this youth movement. It would suck to lose Jarny but he's never had more than 16 goals or 35 points in a season and he's probably not going to get much better from here. With how much Hynes loves that identity 4th line, I don't think he wants to lose Sissons (and definitely doesn
t want Pitlick centering it).


Lastly, I don't see them getting rid of Boro either. Poile will keep him for another year as a locker room guy. Decent chance Farrance starts the year in the AHL and maybe works his way into the lineup once there is an injury. It is a cluster at LD with Farrance, Boro and Davies. But if Poile likes what he sees I think you could see him trade Ehky or let him walk in FA and make Farrance-Fabbro the 2nd pair.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>villenash</b></div><div>I can see this being the case, but I think there needs to be some more turnover in the bottom 6. I can't see this team bring all 4 of Sissons, Cousins, Jarnkrok, and Grimaldi back -- at least 1, probably 2, should be moved.

Pitlick, Tolvanen, and Tomasino should have roster spots available for them next season. They should all be given every chance to make the team -- same for one of Carrier and Davies (probably one starting and one scratched or in minors or traded). Ultimately, I would want Trenin, Pitlick, Tolvanen, Tomasino, and Carrier to all be starting in the NHL next season -- but we'll see if this "youth movement" ever actually happens...

I don't think that's enough for any team to take Johansen, especially with players like Ingram, Sissons, Jarnkrok, Trenin, etc. available who may be more interesting as long-term solutions or trade pieces in the future for SEA.

But if NSH somehow gets rid of Johansen, I wouldn't mind seeing Krejci on a 1-2 year deal -- but I doubt he would come to NSH.</div></div>

If we are trying to give the youth movement a chance I think you still need to keep some vet bottom 6 players that can step up if needed. Jarny/Sissons/Grimaldi/Cousins can all step up into a 2nd line role if needed given this would be a team without playoff expectations. Plus, they wouldn't really be taking the spot of any young players. Thats why you trade Granlund/Haula/Richardson at the deadline and get rid of Joey in Seattle expansion.
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