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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HatterTParty</b></div><div>First of all, thank you for the respectful way you called out. Sincerely. I appreciate that.

Now, as for my doom and gloom approach, you have to remember I’m always dedicated to this team. I love them and always will. I’ll always cheer for them and hope for the best. However, I hate to say it, but the way the last few years have gone, i just tend to be a bit more realistic. Optimism is always a key part of fandom, but even when the hawks were great, I still was a realist about the moves they made. I was pissed when they traded nick leddy, or when they had to get rid of teravainen, and especially signing bickell to that terrible contract, amongst other moves.

Point is, it doesn’t matter if the hawks are great or bad, I just like talking about my hawks. Yes, it’s been negative lately, but I love and praise things about them still. I love boqvist and Mitchell. Keith is having a great rebound. Kane is still the boss and toews is still a two way maestro. However, on the flip side, the team just has so many holes. My negativity may sound biased, but being a fan means I recognize the good AND the bad.

As for Mitchell, you are right, he has said that wants to sign with the hawks. I believe him! I only posted this to see if there was any reason or rational to not signing with us. Keep in mind, Hayes signed with the rangers when they were still a good team and the hawks actually needed a top 9 F, especially a center! Another example is Adam fox. Not only did he sign with a rebuilding ranger team, but he is the #3 RHD on their team behind Trouba and Deangelo! Also, consider colliton’s treatment of jokiharju. Joki was doing well under Q, then under Colliton he treated like crap and sent back to the Rockford. Colliton likes this defensive style that doesn’t benefit any offensive minded defensemen. All I’m saying is, there are reasons not to be here. However, he is very loyal and has said he wants to be here. I want him here! I love Ian Mitchell. I just miss hockey and love debating hockey. So there’s reasons to sign here and reasons to move on.</div></div>

I try not to be a dickhead until I need to lmao. Those reasons are pretty fair. I guess the Adam Fox comparable works, but I think that was more of a location preference than anything else. This might just be my opinion, but I am going to completely give credit to Boqvist and Dach's defensive developments to Colliton. But I am also going to blame their lack of offensive progress on him as well. So I think Jokiharju just wasnt willing to put in the defensive work in that Colliton was asking. Thats just my speculation and I could be completely wrong, but it does make a little sense. Also Bickell would've been so sick if he didnt get a concussion or MS. That was just purely bad luck otherwise we probably wouldnt have traded bickell and turbo. As far as the Leddy trade, it sucked, but Pokka was supposed to be a decent prospect, and we "fleeced" VAN for Forsling and he was also supposed to be the next big thing. If those two progressed as scheduled, we would still be competing right now. So I think while a lot of it is mismanagement, there was definitely a bit of bad luck involved. So I agree, if we can get some big return for him, it would not be a bad idea. But lets not trade him just to trade him. I think there is definitely merit in showing loyalty to your prospects and if 1 or 2 walk, that sucks.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>The_Architect</b></div><div>It's simpler. They save 10 mill$ on top of what they're saving on Crawford and Lehner and spread it out on signing Kubalik, Strome, Debrincat and Danault long term, shoring up the D and getting a back up.

CHI gets an overpaid goalie and in return they give up the most overpaid #1C in the league.

I will not stick my head out and say Caufield will replace Kane's elitness but on paper he's supposed to become a perennial 40+ goal scorer.

CHI get set also for the future down the middle with Dach, Strome and Danault.</div></div>

The thing here is you can't necessarily bank on Caufield being elite, which is why I would include Suzuki. Also in terms of money being saved, technically yes, but they are losing value as they have nobody who cant step up and be that 1C (who btw still had 60 points this season so he isnt in decline) and nobody who is a gamebreaking talent like Kane. I would say Kane is still worth that contract. Toews is probably worth around 7 mil, so while we do save on that its not like its a horrendous contract. The contracts are also up in 3 years so they are pretty close, where as price has a while. Im not asking for like Marc Bergevin's firstborn son or anything but I feel like there has to be another significant piece added there, whether u think KK or Suzuki is worth more is up to you but I feel like if its for Kane and Toews while taking back the price contract, one of them has to come back as well