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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jah1722</b></div><div>He’s got Benn and Seguin for 3 and 5 years. Gonna be tough with those contracts and their play as of late. Seguin gets healthy he has something left but idk about Benn.</div></div>

It’s all manageable. Segs is figuring out how to be effective post injuries. He doesn’t skate as well any more but he’s still a talented player. Benn isn’t close to worth what he’s making but his production should improve under DeBoer. Money is there for Robertson now. Nill just has to decide if he wants to move money or settle for a bridge. Money is there for Hintz next year. Money should be coming off as our younger players need raises. I don’t think Guri is the right move. He’s got an amazing shot, wheels, and size. His overall game and decision making isn’t great, but Bowness wasn’t exactly the right coach for him. If he can get his head on straight, he’s a keeper. Faksa is the guy that really sticks out to me. Dobby is likely easier to unload, but that only frees up money this year and we’ll still want Faksa’s money gone next year and the year after. Dumping Faksa, burying Dobby in the AHL, and giving Robertson max term just makes too much sense to me. You can bridge him but then he’ll be looking for Huberdeau money in a few years when Segs money is still on the books. Post all the trades you want but that one above would be like me offering Pavelski, Dellandrea, a first, and a second for Zegras or Tavish
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