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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BuFfaLOFaN</b></div><div>Buffalo neeeeds a RD partner who can play good defense and now. The Sabres are IMO a Goaltender and a top 4 DEFENSIVE rd away from being a true contender to make the playoffs, probably are not going to win a cup this year but they can at least get playoff experience.

this is The Athletic's Stanley Cup checklist and i think its pretty accurate. or is it a good start for a team wanting to know if they are cup worthy.
Elite first-line center that’s among the very best players in the world. - Tage Thompson
Elite first-line winger to support the elite center. - <strong>Jeff Skinner when he plays with Tage</strong>
Two other top-line wingers on each of the top two lines. Alex Tuch - Jack Quin
Top-line center to play behind the elite center. - Dylan Cozens
Two more top-six forwards for depth in the middle six. - Peterka - (i with krebs, last year okposo, but right now we are lacking. Savoie, Kulich, Rosen or someone could fill this)
Elite No. 1 defenseman. - Rasmus Dahlin
A second No. 1 defenseman to play behind him. - Owen Power
A top-pairing defenseman to help anchor a strong second pair with the No. 2. - Samuelsson
Another top-pairing caliber defender to crush soft minutes on the third pair. - Jokiharju?? Nope...No one right now, maybe Ryan Johnson next year. Jokiharju could maybe be this in sheltered minutes. (no one in the pipeline)
A top-10 caliber starting goaltender. - Nope, Trade for someone or wait for Levi, UPL, and Portillo to mature.

<img class="for_img" src="https://cdn.theathletic.com/app/uploads/2022/12/11235015/Screenshot-2022-12-11-at-8.40.57-PM-2048x1286.png" alt="Screenshot-2022-12-11-at-8.40.57-PM-2048x1286.png"></div></div>

Skinner being productive? Tage is really <strong>THAT </strong>good