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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GoofyFoFoofy</b></div><div>Anderson isn't gonna solve their RW woes with his mid point production and I don't think Othmann is ready for the NHL yet. If I'm Drury I'd rather try my luck at moving Laf or Kreider to RW. The Breadman-Trocheck-Laf line was good for the short time it was assembled last season, Gallant only took it apart cause he ignored stats and goes with his gut, and he'd been eating too much Chipotle.

Mesar and a 1st aren't bad assets to get back at all don't get me wrong, I'm just saying if I'm Drury and I wanna trade a former 1OA I'm looking for something exciting back, and those 2 pieces aren't really exciting.</div></div>

If Lafreneire isn't moving over to RW or Kreider, which i think is doubtful, and It would be a Laviolette call at the end of the day, adding a Top 6 RW like Anderson that fills a hole with his physicality as well, which was something missed in the playoffs last year. This NYR team is looking at its window thats open for the next 3 years. I don't think you can pencil in the same numbers for Anderson as he had with MTL then he could have with NYR especially playing in the top 6 &amp; PP2 or PP1 on a line &amp; team with more offensive weapons. Im not saying he scores 40 goals but 45-60 points if he's healthy wouldn't be be a wild estimate &amp; some more much needed physicality in that top 6. Othmann may need a little time in the AHL but he's pretty close, especially if he's playing his natural LW &amp; then maybe Cuylle gets a look at 3 LW out of the gate if Othmann doesn't make the opening cut..

the 1st in 2024 &amp; Mesar gives Drury more options to add, or, build, its nice to have the flexibility.
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