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Forum: Armchair-GM18 mar à 9 h 42
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Trickster</b></div><div>I think Gudas is 3rd pair 100%.
Look at him with Capitals, him and Jensen have been competing for whose worse.

I use to think Gudas was better but I got shown the light on him.

Once we got Holl his new deal, the thought spending a few million on 3rd D is not worth it.
Just use Rosen there.

DeMelo IMO is good choice to target but will be highly sought after I fear.</div></div>

I get your point but you gotta remember what is required of whomever Rielly's partner will be... They need to be able to clear the front of the net, take away passing lanes, take away shooting lanes/block shots, and play with an edge. I'm sure Rielly's pairing will have to play against the oppositions top players, however, it won't be as much because we have Muzzin's pairing now. I think Gudas can handle it, I know he's had a bad season but I think he'd be fine for that role. The question becomes: what will it take to pry away someone like Severson compared to signing Gudas who will only cost $ and if we need to trade player(s) away then we will gain more assets in return. Also, it will depend on what Gudas' next contract will be.

Are you against bringing him here in general or is there a contract that works for you where you would rather have Gudas than trade for someone like Severson? Same goes for DeMelo.

One last thing who do you think would be the most realistic to acquire between Severson, Murphy and Savard? I would think Savard would be the cheapest/easiest to get but I'm more intrigued between Murphy and Severson....what say you good sir?

We may be living in a resident evil movie but at least we have CF to help pass the time🤫🤔🤪 lol
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Sujet: Boomer125
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Sujet: Boomer125
Forum: Armchair-GM16 mar à 19 h 14
Sujet: Boomer125
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jack_</b></div><div>Seth jones would be great but hes also very overrated. Theis season hes tied with Justin Holl in GAR. If you go back and look at Evolving hockey's model and Micah Blake Mccurdy's stuff they arent so high on him. I still think hes a fantastic defenseman on a good contract but I wouldnt give up marner or Nylander for him. Manson would be nice and pesce would be great but also cost way to much. The gap between severson and manson/pesce isnt a whole lot. I'm not so high on tanev. Gudas would be my 2nd option though. Hes having a bit of a down year but before joining the caps hes always had very good numbers. He wont cost much and hes a ufa so that's a bonus. Hes definitely not a 1st pair guy but hes always had good xG numbers and would do every well on the 2nd pair with rielly or even if they did a 1a 1b kind of thing they would be great.

Most people on here think of him as a gudbranson type of guy but hes a decent puck mover and brings that physical element. Hes scary to play against because you never know when hes going to go off and kill someone but he'd be a great puck retriever for rielly. Hes great infront of the net so he doesnt give up many high danger scoring chances and his zone exit numbers are solid (not his exit percentage but the sheer number of times hes able to get the puck out with control is crazy for a guy like him). I like his neutral zone defending and his pk work. Hes also gotten positive results with whomever hes played with. When Ghostbear and provarov got their best results was when they were with Gudas. Hes also managed to get great results with so awful partner so we can tell that he wasnt just leaning on his partners. Most of what hes done has been on the 2nd or 3rd pair but it doesnt take much to do well with rielly. Rielly-hainsey was at least break even, guess is a far better skater and puck mover. I also think hes better defensively.</div></div>

Sorry, got busy. I have a high personal bias for Seth Jones as he's my favorite player and I followed him as much as I could before he was drafted, but I get he's not everyone's first choice. Also, how big of a gap do you think there is between Severson and Gudas? I ask because I like Gudas as well and wouldn't mind him but for me it comes down to dollars and term. What would you need to get Gudas for to go with him and trade someone else for assets instead of trading for Severson?
Forum: Armchair-GM14 mar à 13 h 04
Sujet: Boomer125
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jack_</b></div><div>Severson is more of a number #3 but imo hes an above average three. If you check out his hockey reference his stats are down because hes on the devils and he doesn't have a d partner but If he were to play with one of Rielly, sandin or dermott he would be exceptional. If this trade were to happen they would have Rielly and severson in the 2nd pair (muzzin and holl against top competition) and they would dominate. We've seen that it doesnt take much for someone to put up good numbers with rielly. If he has a strong defensive partner who can move the puck up the ice with control (something hainsey, zaitsev or any of his partners besides barrie can do), they would be a fantastic pairing. IMO severson compliments rielly so well but still fits into the keefe/dubas mould of being skilled and smart. Muzzin-holl, Rielly-Severson and Sandin-Liljegren is an extremely strong D core</div></div>

I agree, I think Severson is a number 3 but he problem is people on here act like he's Drew Doughty in his prime and think he should bring a return that justifies that. You're a very smart dude and I take what you say seriously because you deserve that respect so if you say he's better than I give him credit for I will take you at your word. I should also note it's not that I don't like him or anything but like I said some people on here completely overvalue some players and I think he's one of them. IMO the most valuable thing about him is his contract, great player but I wouldn't break the bank to acquire him. You also make a good point about him playing on a crappy team which I've thought of and try not to use that against him. I also agree that would be a strong d core but I wouldn't be afraid to put Rielly/Severson against the oppositions best players if the situation calls for it. Hypothetically, let's say Severson is a no go who would be your next choice? And is Severson your top choice or just your top realistic choice? My top choice is Seth Jones but I understand that's not a reality.
Forum: Armchair-GM14 mar à 12 h 41
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>Thank you for your gracious kind words. I truly appreciate them. Despite the fact that I live in the entertainment capital of the world, joining CapFriendly and interacting with people has broadened my horizons and allowed me to reach out and exchange ideas with many more people than I could have imagined.</div></div>

You're one of the people I respect the most on this site and I truly enjoy our conversations because I always gain more knowledge or at the very least gain a different viewpoint than my initial opinion. No need to thank me as I don't view it as kind words but rather the truth at least from my perspective. You are 100% correct that this site is a great place to interact because there is a vast amount of knowledgeable people to converse with. However, this site also has its fair share of stubborn people who can't grasp the fact that they can be wrong and stick to their beliefs no matter what. It's okay to stand behind your convictions sometimes but you should still be open-minded. Also, I view people's age as an amount of knowledge they were able to learn and when someone has more it's always good to not only take them seriously but hear them out and challenge your viewpoints. I hope that by the time I've been fortunate enough to have as many knowledgeable years as yourself I will have gained as much wisdom as you have. I look forward to conversing with you in the future as I thoroughly enjoy and seek out every opportunity to gain proficiency...until next time cheers and take care.
Forum: Armchair-GM13 mar à 22 h 08
Sujet: Boomer125
Forum: Armchair-GM13 mar à 21 h 21
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>Okay, as the senior Anaheim guy on this website, I have to step in here.

We Ducks fans are resistant to the very idea of trading Manson because that would make a currently unsuccessful team a real disaster unless the player coming back was an improvement, which by definition would be a dumb trade for the other team unless significant other pieces were included. That's why Anaheim guys subconsciously "think Manson should get a Norris return."

If our right side were Pulock, Manson, Gudbranson and Fox or Marino, then Anaheim would move Manson and this trade would be an overpayment by at least Dermott if not Johnsson, but neither he nor Bracco are of much interest to us. IF our right side was as deep as our left, I would trade Manson for something like two seconds and Liljegren -- Toronto gives up future value for current maturity and Anaheim gets a return superior to that local rivals Los Angeles got for Martinez.

<a href="/users/Hockeytor15" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@Hockeytor15</a> , if you're going to assume the mantle of speaking for Anaheim fans, you should be courteous. (Note that I don't say "more courteous" because you haven't been courteous at all in this discussion.)</div></div>

You're one of the most knowledgeable people on this site. You're always willing to share your advice and try to educate people, in a very intelligent, and polite way. Unfortunately, you can't teach those who don't want to learn, especially when they get stuck in their ways... It's like talking to a brick wall and there seems to be a lot of them on here. I'm not sure how old you are but it's very clear you have a vast wealth of knowledge. When I grew up there was no Google search... You had to learn the old fashion way.... By... Wait for it... Listening to your elders because they've been around the block once or twice and when you're young you don't know what you don't know. People these days think they are right about everything and everyone wants to be a internet tough guy until you call them out on their bs. I wish people would actually listen to people who know more than them and be open-minded like I've always been instead of being so stubborn. It's better to admit you're wrong and look like a fool for 5seconds than get your back up against a wall and look like a fool to the point that people can't take you seriously.

I had someone tell me you can't win a Stanley Cup playing on the fourth line lol... Some people...
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