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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Caufield</b></div><div>Not really considering we have 4 75+ pt potential guy on our team. (Dach Suzuki Slaf Caufield). They probably won’t all be 75 pt guys, but some prob will be better. (Dach 60-65) (Suzuki 80-85) (Caufield 70-80) (Slaf 70-90, harder to predict). Plus 40-55 pt potential guys like Beck, Newhook, Roy, Farrell, Mesar. We also got out 2024 1st in which we will likely draft a very solid forward. MTL are very underrated in the attack. Sure Kyrou could help, but not by removing a core 3 defender (Guhle, Hutson, Reinbacher)</div></div>

Slaf is very very questionable. I didn’t like the pick when he was drafted I felt he was a little overhyped. Caufield is going to be interesting if he can stay healthy. Suzuki is more defensive I think he’s a career 60-65 Pt player. Again very good player not taking anything away from him but I don’t think he gets 75 unless they have the top line powerhouse that he can feed off of. Dach will also be interesting. Don’t sleep on Mittelstadt he’s a solid Top 4 and as much as everyone wants to hate on Mailloux he’s a solid defender as well. So while I agree there is potential. It’s only potential until it comes together. Suzuki hasn’t been super consistent Caufield gets injured and slows down. Slaf hasn’t been available.

I also think you expect more out of Guhle than like 98% of people believe he will be. I like Guhle I think he’s a 2-3D but if I’m trading a 24-25 year old PPG forward you’ll have to do better. Because trading for a Prospect Guhle like actually makes us worse lol. We are already missing a 1LW we shouldn’t try and start missing a 1RW for a D that we haven’t seen play top line minutes ever.