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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Caerii</b></div><div>What? Who are the Fiala's available every year?</div></div>

Fiala is a trade target, but just looking at UFA's (and narrowing it down to ~ PPG wingers, not top C or D:
2022: Johnny Gaudreau, Filip Forsberg, Claude Giroux, Evander Kane
2020: Taylor Hall
2019: Artemi Panarin
2018: David Perron
2017: Alexander Radulov

That's just UFA's not even looking at RFA's or players that were traded, Marc Stone, Max Pacioretty, Anthony Mantha just 3 off the top of head in 10 seconds.

2023: Patrick Kane? Vladimir Taresenko? Max Pacioretty? Timmo Meier? David Pastrnak? Jonathan Huberdeau? JT Miller? Joe Pavelski? Tyler Bertuzzi?

Some of these UFA wingers will be available for sure and if you don't blow $7M and your 1st round pick maybe you'll have the money and an exciting up and coming group to add one.

The point is, there are high end players on the move every single season. Next season is not the time for MTL to be looking at this IMO, there cap situation is a mess right now.

Edit: Additionally MTL may have bigger needs at RD or defense than wing in a year, who knows. Sometimes things don't work out, but it's much less of a hot take than "there might never be another Kevin Fiala".

Edit 2.0: I'd rather keep CGY's 1st round pick, hope Dvorak has a good year and then sell him for assets and then sign JT Miller as he can play LW with Suzuki and Caufield or he could play C if Wright isn't ready for 2C. That would be a way better scenerio. If not Miller there is the Quebec native Huberdeau, former captain Pacioretty (would be great with Suzuki and Caufield), Meier is a beast and still young he'd be the ideal wing for Suzuki and Caufield likely. Tarasenko also a top winger. So many options, and those are just free agents not even trades.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LIRIK</b></div><div>And then wait how many years until another winger of that caliber is available? He's the perfect fit for Suzuki and Caufield, might not get a chance like that for another few years.

I don't think Romanov would sign for less than 5M on a long term contract, and i'm not ready to give him that money yet.

Habs could move one of Hoffman, Byron or Armia, attached to Weber's contract sent to AZ. Or just pay a mid rounder to dump one of those contract.

I think with that defense, they still get a top 10 pick next year.</div></div>

There are Fiala's available every single year, in free agency no less which wouldn't cost any assets if you manage your cap properly. Also have you considered Joshua Roy, Sean Farrell, Heineman, and whoever else they might draft this year (and next year if they get another high pick)?

Romanov has averaged like 11 pts / 82 games so far in his career. He isn't eligible for arbitration or an offersheet (so even you bridge at $3M seems high) he has no leverage. Based on what comparable do you think Romanov would sign for more than $5M? Pesce signed for $4M x 6 yrs. I think Romanov could be signed for 6 - 8 years at $4M - $4.5M aav.

Hughes has already said he will not be giving up assets to get rid of contracts and I agree. Wait a year and these contracts are easier to move (because they are shorter) and the players might even increase their value (surely can't get any worse after last season). Also for what purpose would AZ take Weber right now? They already took on a LTIR contract and Weber wasn't it. ARZ would be doing MTL a favour by getting them out of LTIR not the other way around (see how we have &gt; $1M in bonus overages from last year because of this?).

If you think this team is still a bottom 10 then why on earth are you trading for a $7M winger next season. You might as well finish bottom 5!
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jr400</b></div><div>I think that’s the second-biggest off-season question that keeps Don Waddell up at night. (The biggest is what to do with DeAngelo, given the risk that he could earn big money in arbitration.) I’m sure they’d like to keep Kotkaniemi, not because they gave up a lot to get him – they would cut their losses if they thought they’d made a bad decision – but because of what he’s shown this season and the fact that he’s young enough (21) that he may still have more upside. The problem is the qualifying offer. They knew they were overpaying him when they signed him – Waddell referred to his $6.1M salary as “acquisition cost” – and although he has shown that he belongs in the NHL, I don’t think he’s shown (yet) that he is or ever will be worth more than $6M per year.

Carolina may have a Plan A and a Plan B. I’ll talk about Plan B first. Plan B would be that they qualify him and request arbitration. This would probably lead him to accept the qualifying offer, because he isn’t likely to get $6M in arbitration (somebody told me that the arbitrators don’t consider the qualifying offer – they only look at the contracts of comparable players), so Carolina overpays him for one more season – Waddell would probably call it “retention cost” this time – to see if he can grow into his salary and be a solid #2 center with Trocheck leaving as a UFA.

I’m calling that Plan B because I think Carolina would prefer not to have it get to that point. My Plan A would be to try to sign him to a multi-year extension at a lower AAV before they have to decide whether to make him a qualifying offer. Teravainen is at $5.4M AAV so I think they’d like to get Kotkaniemi under that. That could also help with the Necas negotiations because Necas could argue that he should be paid more than KK. Why would KK take a pay cut? Because if they don’t qualify him, he becomes a UFA but the $6.1M that he’s making now means nothing. He’ll get whatever he’s worth on the open market, which is not going to be as much. Even if he thinks that they are going to qualify him, accepting the qualifying offer would give him another one-year contract with no guarantees after that. He might prefer the security of a multi-year contract to the uncertainty of going year by year.</div></div>

Looks like they are going with plan A, KK is reportedly going to be extending to an 8 year × $4 - $4.5M deal with the Canes.

If this is true I don't get this at all from KK's camp, why would a 21 year old not be betting on himself? He's performed extremely well in a limited role for Carolina, he is on pace for 35 Pts playing 12 min / game, if he got 16 / min a game he could be on pace for 47 pts (maybe even more with better quality linemates). 50 pts for a 21 year old is pretty good, it's worth $4M. So why would KK's camp already be prepared to sign an 8 year deal at that AAV? Just seems off to me that KK and his agents don't think his game has more potential.
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