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Forum: Armchair-GM28 oct. 2022 à 16 h 8
Sujet: Meier
Meier would be amazing in MTL, the ideal player to put with Caufield IMO.

I wanted them to trade for him before he broke out (while the sharks were in turmoil with bad contracts). He would cost a lot right now, I don't think this is enough.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>it's basically a Tatar to Montreal add on, not really any value either way just cap purposes. BTW that was the basic model for my proposal, Patches at the time was 27 and returned Suzuki (1st) + 2nd + Tatar basically this package but I added a 3rd as well.</div></div>

Tatar &gt;&gt; Dadanov. Tatar was just acquired from Detroit by Vegas for a 1st, 2nd, &amp; 3rd... yes he was traded for cap purposes and he wasn't a fit in Vegas during their playoff run but Tatar still had real value unlike Dadanov.

Suzuki &gt; the lower of MTL's 1st round picks. Suzuki was a promising prospect and drafted 13th overall.

2nd = Ylonen or Kidney.

Also Meier &gt; Pacioretty, who was about to be a UFA which hurt MTL's leverage while Meier is RFA.

As much as I'd love Meier, I think if MTL is patient they might be able to land a big free agent which could be better asset management for a team that is rebuilding / re-tooling. If he could be had for your proposed cost I would do it but I think he is worth much more.

I know Hughes has already spoken about how he wants to be a player in free agency, with his experience as an agent and St. Louis being a desirable coach to play for I could see him waiting until the offseason to see what options are available before trading draft equity.

If negotiations with Meier or Dubois are ongoing after free agency (which players usually do hold out for a bit now) then this option would still be available in the offseason and it wouldn't require SJ taking on Dadanov.
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