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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Onlyfairtrades1</b></div><div>Yeah, heard all this 1,000 times. But a player performing to his cap hit is subjective, isn't it? What player on the team other than Kreider is a lock to score at least mid-20 goals per year, is on pace for about 35 this season and had 52 last season? Only Mika provides that level of goal scoring. Kreider is also the best net front presence in the league on the PP, that's just a fact. He is also now killing penalties and is quite good at it, and also is a treat to score shorthanded goals, scoring 5 since he started on the PK last season. He plays responsible defense, drives puck possession and oh yeah, he is big, fast and can play physical when he wants. He gets all of $6.5m/year. IMO, he is underpaid. People cry about losing Buchnevich, but he gets $5.7m/year from the Blues and Kreider is a much better all around hockey player and scores more goals to boot. So please, with the Kreider is overpaid nonsense. As to Trouba, He plays solid D, chips in with some offense (half a point a game last season), blocks tons of shots, mentors K'Andre and Schneider, is the most feared hitter in the league (legal hits), stands up for himself and his teammates any and every time it's needed, and is the only guy on the team that can inspire them to actually play better hockey when they are not playing well. He is a leader in words and action, something this team has needed for a long time. IMO, he earns every penny of his salary. Drury will work out the salary cap issues, I think he knows more about it than all the pretend GM's on here.</div></div>

Not when these GM's keep handing out NMC'S like hot cakes.

I can accept your take on Kreider being worth his value, while still standing pat that Trouba is overpaid (intangibles and all). But whether these guys earn their larger deals or not, the restricted movement of those deals is just as bad.

Having multiple players on longer term deals (Hey Trocheck) that can outlast other players on their ELC'S and Bridge deals combined, and can restrict movement via trade in order to rectify said issue, also affects maneuverability.

Trouba got his money. Fine. But at a time where he finally allows the club to maneuver around his Contract, in order to make room for other players to better the club, you have to strike when those opportunities present themselves.
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