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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>batman</b></div><div>okay so

1- Acquiring Darcy Kuemper and then trading Primeau makes zero sens from our perspective. We don’t need a washed up goalie signed for four more years. We can just hope Anderson bounces back. And with the way Primeau has been playing lately, in no world we are moving him. So easy No to that first deal.

2- I’d say that Ollauson isn’t very exciting as a prospect, yes he’s a first rounder but he isn’t that top guy where are looking for. He would be in the same category or even behind Beck Mesar Kapanen. Rather keep Primeau.
So No this deal also.

3- Really like the Tomasino trade. Good one. Would do it. NSH is stacked upfront with Kemell Wood Evangelista Schaiefer Tomasino L’Hereux. Adding a young dmen would be something that interest them. Deal on this one.

4- Can’t see FLA parting ways with Lundell. Their plan is that he can fill that 2C role when Bennett is going to walk. Invested and developed him a ton, doubt they trade him. And with the cap situation they’re going to be in, and what Lundell is going to ask, I think they’re going to resign him at a cheap 2.5M aav. But COL traded Newhook when they were competitive. So we never know. Personally from a habs POV deal but FLA pov No Deal.

Even tho Hughes said Playoffs is the goal, I don’t think DeBrusk is a fit. He’s going to look for a 5x5 or something like that. Maybe look at Marchessault on a Giroux type of deal.</div></div>

Fair on the Primeau assessment, like I said I tried to get rid of Anderson in a creative way. I'm also not overly high on Primeau and I'd be comfortable trading him.

COL traded Newhook during their window because he was not developing fast enough to take the roster spot they penciled him into, and brought a more ready forward in Colton. Lundell is less and less productive each season, so they might want to use that money to re-sign Reinhart/Montour who are more important to their current window.

As for DeBrusk, I don't see any team being comfortable giving him term, so I had him on a Bertuzzi deal. I don't have interest in another small top 6 guy in Marchessault as good as he is.