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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AyyPavy</b></div><div>How is using the 9 game odd. U saying that a prospect doesnt have good value because they are unproven is odd. Guess Every team should turn down a Owen Power trade for a 7th because hes unproven.</div></div>

Commenting on the 9 games shows you are setting a narrative where you are intentionally undervaluing Bertuzzi based on a factor out of his control, that should not have an impact on his play in Toronto.
If you have a look back at OHL top scorers you can see that some prospects can nail it in the O and not make it in the NHL, i.e. their metrics in junior do not guarentee success at a higher level.
Top OHL scorers before Robertson: Justin Brazeau, Dmitri Solokov, Alex DeBrincat, Christian Dvorak, Joseph Blandisi, Dane Fox, Reid Boucher, Tyler Toffolix2, Bryan Cameron, John Tavares, Brett Mclean, John Tavares.

You can see in there that there are some great names, some good names, some players who had some time in the NHL, and some who failed to make an impact.
We won't know which of those Robertson will be until he actually plays, which he has not done. He looks good out there, he looks like he should have a regular NHL shift one day, I couldnt with any confidence say he's going to be more than a middle 6 winger. Is the gap between an established middle 6 winger who can be an excellent complimentary piece on the top line and a potential middle 6 winger who could still just not pan out really only a 2nd?
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