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I am firmly convinced that the value of the seventh overall pick in this draft is Tomas Hertl plus the Tampa Bay first or Max Domi and the Montreal second. The value of term cannot be overstated.

Look at where some star centermen were taken recently. Horvat at 9. Larkin at 15. Barzal somewhere in between (I recall 13 but I'm not interrupting this to go look.)

If the draft order stays the same (I.e., no one jumps ahead of you), you rate to get to choose between at least two and probably three of Rossi, Perfetti, Lundell and RW Holtz. Which would you rather have: one of those players under team control for 6 years, or two years of Tomas Hertl plus the appreciable chance that he'll walk after that and you'll have nothing?

There's no chance that happens with Domi because you can sign him long-term now -- IF he co-operates. But he's still a risk.

Many times, the best asset management isn't making the most beneficial move, but avoiding the really damaging bad move.</div></div>
Given our situation, I would prefer Max Domi with a slight plus. Although I like many of the players in this draft, we can’t wait any longer for the team to be in the playoffs for so many years, and the team captain is openly hinting that it’s time to strengthen and get into the playoff right now or I just leave in 1-2 seasons.

I like Hertl, but after an injury and he has only two years left under the contract, Domi can be locked for 5-6 years and you will always have a solid player for top 6.
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My first thought to this trade was to offer next years first round pick.
Then I wondered what Sabre fans would say if Bergevin offered MTL 2020 first for Reinhart?
Then one reads this article:
<a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank"></a>
I would presume an unbiased sport source feels Buffalo’s 2020 first and Ristolainen for Domi and MTL’s 2nd.

So I put the two together, how do I value Reinhart and the Hockey writers article then realized that this years first for Domi is a good deal and maybe Buffalo would have to add.
I would imagine Domi with Skinner would do extremely well.

How about these lines:
Olofsson - Eichel - Reinhart
Skinner - Domi - Dadonov
Johansson - Kahun/Thompson/Mittelstadt/Cozens pick 2 for RW and Center
Asplund - Lazar - Okposo
Of course that means we have to lose Girgensons and Larsson and over pay to get Dadonov. But those are two really good lines.
Read this morning BN article by Lysowski about the PK and Asplund.

Let me add, if we had better forwards, more of the play would be in the offensive zone which would lead to fewer GA.</div></div>

We will have a rather serious problem with the cap, soon Dahlin will have to be extended. I would not sign Dadonov, but rather I would try to trade Risto or Montour for such a player as Tuch or Virtanen, we obviously lack power.

I would also draw such lines, since Reinhart plays too relaxed when he is on the wing of Jack, Domi also has some chemistry with Reinhart, as they used to play together before.

Skinner - Eichel - Tuch/Virtanen
Olofsson - Domi - Reinhart
Johansson - Cozens/Mitts - Kahun/Thompson
Asplund/Ruotsalainen - Lazar/Asplund - Okposo
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