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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>A_K</b></div><div>NYR can definitely ask for that but I think the part you're missing is STL's internal valuation of Kostin, which goes beyond his pts/gm in the AHL as a teenager. He's probably our 2nd-best prospect so it wouldn't make sense to move him AND a first rounder for a rental. I think you'd have to expect one or the other. If some team with a better prospect pool goes after Kreider, maybe NYR can get a return value like this, but stl cant afford to do it.

Also, regardless of whether they drive play/impact the game equally, it's just a fact that wingers have lower trade value than centers so using Hayes as the comp isnt accurate.

One more - I would be hesitant to call a guy with 53 pts as a career high a top line producer.</div></div>

I get the hesitation in that the Blues have a thin prospect pool....Ranger fans know a lot about that!! But it all comes down to what the market will be for him... with really only Toffoli and Hall out there the market is pretty thin at CK's price point- so that may drive up the cost for him...really comes down to whether you think he's needed to make the playoffs (compensate for Tarasenko injury), whether you think he provides the extra edge once in the playoffs, and whether you want to re-sign him...if the answer to these 3 questions is YES- then this trade is worth it for the Blues...CK is a heck of a player- his numbers (which have been deflated by injury and the team situation the past 2-3 years) don't give the whole story about him...his size, speed, and physicality (which I can see under Berube going to a higher level) opens the ice for the other players and is what is essential in a playoff push...AND also realize that if his numbers were better the return asked for would be steeper that a 1st and a prospect....and his ensuing contract would be far north of what He'll eventually settle for.