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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sabres89</b></div><div>I like mccabe at that price for one year, i think its low but fair considering the injury. I have my doubts ullmark comes back, especially that cheap, and honestly i wouldnt pay him more than that- unless it was a one year deal (i know hes decent, not great, and he seems to think hes injured a lot too). The columbus deal actually isnt bad, reinhart has been playing center, his natural position, and he was our best player this year. The problem is hes only got 1 year until ufa, i can see columbus worried that they are only renting him. I might be crazy, but i like both of our guys in the philly trade, philly probably declines anyways, but i am totally fine with keeping those two. And i would be thrilled if seattle takes miller and leaves us borgen, i just dont know why they would.</div></div>

I agree McCabe should only be given one year because of injuries and because as you see this year Sabres do have d that are close and need just a little more development. The Reinhart deal was considered as well because he would go back to his natural position of center. He also played with Domi in juniors so maybe Columbus thinks getting Reinhart would kickstart Domi. Reinhart is a RFA this yr so after trade they can sign him to a long term contract so Columbus would be willing to give up more for him. Or both teams could go the sign and trade route and have Reinhart and Elvis sign extensions based on what receiving team would want contract to be.
Philly trade is so Sabres get a little more physical. Players involved are all very similar as far as offensive production.