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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dp6154</b></div><div>I agree and bet hard it would be Sanford, he was on a 40 point pace with full time play last year and is on a 30 point /82 career so his production seems middle 6 already and in flashes looks like it could even go up. He also has a positive Corsi% and XG% last year and career.
Blais is even Corsi and negative xG% last year and career, does not have amazing flashes of brilliance, is on just under a 20 point pace with full time play (but around 25 last year), he mostly just doesn't look lost on top 6 lines and hits guys but on the plus side his zone entries and exits are very high meaning he theoretically gets the puck up ice well (assuming that's not just linemeates grabbing attention but the numbers are good enough there should be at least some skill there) and put up big point totals in the high minors so I bet there is some potential but the numbers, eye test, all point to Sanford</div></div>

I agree, but I think there’s an outside chance of Blais becoming a beast. As you mentioned, his puck-carrying ability is elite and he also is pretty untouchable off the cycle. He needs to stop holding onto the puck so long after entering the zone and just make a pass or take it to goal. It also seems like all of his passes go to the point which end up wasting his possession ability. It’s funny because if they’d combine skill sets they’d make an incredible player. Imagine the defense/compete and puck-carrying ability of Blais with the finishing and offensive intelligence of Sanford.