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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AC14</b></div><div>They've pretty consistently been PPG players for this season and last. I think you can generally expect near that output. The thing that needs to happen is they need a bit more consistency which generally comes with time.

Schenn, Buchnevich and Saad are also pretty good players in their own rights. Neighbors looked pretty good before the injury last game, can reasonably expect him to be a solid 3rd liner at this point. We'd probably need another center to be extremely competitive, maybe two. Our depth has been decent to be honest with you. I don't think we're going to suck enough to really enter into sweepstakes for the next 2 years and if we get to that point it's going to be alot longer than a two year outlook of being horrible.

It's very rare that you're able to draft and build a very competitive defense without some foundations. Ours right now is a bit of a mismatched pile of goods but each player in our top 4 is a top 4 player. Parayko's probably a #2, Faulk #3/4, Leddy #4, Krug ES is a bit of a hard call but he's elite on the powerplay and there's certainly a benefit to having him. Armstrong really never has an issue adding in good cheap depth. Contending for the cup probably at minimum 3 seasons if we're lucky. But being a playoff team I don't think we're all that far off after next season, and that's typically the goal for the Blues</div></div>

I don’t think it’s worth trying to scrap it together though. Like a true contender is better at every spot in the lineup. Seems like something that just needs a new start.