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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>I think I was hasty and didn't clarify properly: I fully expect Edmonton to offer some sort of asset(s) in a Campbell-for-Elvis swap regardless of there being retention <strong>simply because of how bad Campbell has been within the last calendar year</strong>.

Zooming out tells a very, very different story: Jackie owns a 0.909sv% in 176GP while Elvis has a 0.907sv% in 167GP (I don't believe this stat includes tonight's game). The two are effectively identical assets if we just look at the counting numbers. Campbell has been putrid in Edmonton yes, but Elvis has been pretty much as bad over that same stretch of time. Campbell is marginally cheaper, Merzlikins is marginally younger. Why is the expectation that Edmonton pays a king's ransom for a virtually identical asset?

As it stands I don't see how the deal extends beyond Campbell and a third round pick for Merzlikins straight-up. If the intention of the Blue Jackets is to buy Campbell out at the first available opportunity, that's fine, but it's their prerogative, not Edmonton's. I don't think that can be looked at as a legitimate part of the deal given that the earliest opportunity to do so is an entire half-year away. Is a Martin/Tarasov tandem better for Columbus? I have no idea. I think discounting the idea that a Blue Jackets squad already looking to punt on the season not kicking the tires on Campbell and giving him some runway because you think the player stinks today is a bit short-sighted.

I fully agree that withholding salary is going to cost an asset or two, which is why I stated that the only feasible way I see Columbus getting any sort of first round pick in this sort of deal is if they are retaining somewhere around that $1.6M annually. It cost the Leafs a first round pick for the Hurricanes to eat a $6.25M cap hit (Marleau), and I'm offering an equivalent asset for doing less of a favour for Edmonton as that 30% figure results in an even $6M over the life of the deal.

Provided that the league appears to be out of the flat-cap era, I don't think the twin sources of dead cap should hurt the Jackets too much, the final year of the retention lands in the first year of Fantilli's and Jiricek's new deals, and there should be at least $10M more on the salary cap than there is today. The deals to Gudbranson, and Peeke (assuming all three are replaced with prospects) and the Wennberg buyout are expired before this point. I can't see the likes of Bean, Boqvist, and Kuraly not being replaced with cheaper players (prospects?) and I don't see Jenner or Provorov commanding too much more than they already do. I have a feeling the Jackets will be fine in the long run, even if they intend on retaining up to 50% of Merzlikins' deal.</div></div>

Elvis has played behind the worst defense in hockey the last 3 years though
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