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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Boomer125</b></div><div>You do realize you just traded Freddie for a hair more than what the Leafs spent to get Campbell. And then overpayed for Murray

2nd rnd
3rd rnd
5th rnd

2 prospect busts
2 12-9 F
4th rnd
3rd rnd
Matt Murray (I'll assume he gets 6-7 million x 5-8)
And 2 RD prospects the Leafs have no use for</div></div>

You do realize that the Leafs will have to shed quite a bit of salary if they play to keep the big 4 as they've said all along..

Murray is younger and has proven to be a playoff performer. He struggled a bit, yes. but he also carried 2 teams to a cup with arguable an AHL calibre defence. &amp; As mentioned above, yes I know I overpaid Murray. I said Dubas has a history of overpaying RFA's. Do you think he wouldn't overpay a guy that's won 2 cups and played for him in junior? &amp; you're telling me I overpaid him but then you say he'll get $6-7M over 5-8 years? Same thing.

Andersson is not a bust. He's still in his early 20's. He had a pretty big disagreement with the Rangers management which lead him to go back to Sweden where's he's still producing. From a 21 year old, that's far from a bust. Honka is borderline bust material, but has good analytics which Dubas likes. He's a viable option for a team lacking NHL talent right handed d-man and again, Leafs have to lose on value because they gain cap space. The depth forwards were brought in for exactly that because the Marlies don't have many options that can fill in when injuries happen. &amp; yes, the Leafs could use more right handed d prospects for a system that has 1 good one in Liljegren. After that they're next best one is Hollowell and he's not projected to be anything more than a PP specialist. I've made the team younger, yet still competitive while shedding cap as needed. Johnsson, Kerfoot, and Kapane are middle 6 options that are replaceable to younger, cheaper players. Dermott has battled inconsistency and injuries his entire career in Toronto. And Andersen is on the wrong side of 30 so when his deal expires next summer, they'd be paying for his decline years instead of Murray's prime years.