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17 jun 2019
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8 nov 1994
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>colazerrr</b></div><div>The big issue I have with this is you don't draft Cozens to play wing. As much as I love him along side Eichel, the reason you take him at 8 is to eventually fill in the 2C hole. I love the idea of him playing with Eichel, but I need him to be playing a center role. If Eichel gets traded (like 2% chance IMO), Cozens ends up being your 1C. You start him at 3C for his first couple years (3 max if he doesn't regress), and then he takes over 2C. At that point, I think you can move Reinhart to wing. But I see no need to rush it. In terms of a 4C, i WOULD LOVE to see Matej Pekar take a jump and potentially fill that spot. Big body, loves to throw his body around, can be a penalty killer, and will throw down if need be. Just my opinion. I prefer looking internally as opposed to signing someone at this point. Our FA record has not been stellar as of late.</div></div>

I hear you on that. To me it just sounds like they are keeping Reinhart at center so he is the de-facto 2C and I think Cozens gets more from playing top line minutes with Eichel than playing 3c. I think he has the ability to shift to C at any point in the season, so if they shift Reinhart back or Injuries he can slide back to C.
Only problem with pulling up Pekar IMO is that this team is incredibly young. I think besides Skinner everyone would be younger than 28 on the team. So finding a defensive 4C that can provide a bit of leadership wouldnt be the worst thing. Keep it low cap hit low term and its really low risk. If that person flops than have Pekar be your first call up.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>colazerrr</b></div><div>I could also see them have Samuelsson have another year in ROC and resign McCabe. I probably should have done that, and am not opposed to it. Ned to see how his recovery goes though. Tearing the Big 3 in your knee isn't always easy to come back from.

For Risto, with the way his contract is, I think he is of more value to keep. That being said, if we can snag a decent wing from a team who wants someone like Risto (looking at WPG here), I would not be opposed. Frankly, I like Gusev (think he just had an awful year this year) and I think he would do wonders on a line with Eichel.</div></div>

Yeah, I don't mind Gusev was really high on him before he went to NJD and just never got going there.
My worry with Gusev is that he turns into a middle 6 player and right now besides Eichel the whole team is mid 6 talent. Reinhart would be a top Line Wing but sounds like they are keeping him at center and he is definitely a 2c.

If skinner can round back into form I would say he is a top-line talent.

But Buf has Mitts, Cozens, Reinhart, Olofsson, Bjork, Ruotsalanien, Asplund, and Thompson to make the middle 2 lines. I do not know how they are going to do it, I don't really want to lose any of those guys but they need to upgrade somewhere. If it were me and they did not upgrade any body My forward lines would be

Skinner Eichel Cozens
Olofsson Reinhart Bjork
Ruostsalainen Mitts Thompson
Girgenson (Sign Defensive 4c) Asplund