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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMDannyB</b></div><div>If Briere doesn’t get more value for TK than DeBrincat got it’s a failure. ADB got 7OA, 39OA, and a 3rd. TK is cheaper and frankly better. I don’t see Kulich being that special and he was taken 28th. Buffalo’s pick next year is gonna be anywhere from 12-20 probably so even at best it’s 12OA and 28OA (equivalent). 7th is extremely more valuable in every draft than 12th and that would be assuming best case scenario. There at minimum needs to be another early 2nd, late 1st, or another solid solid prospect in this trade to make it worth it. Briere himself wanted two 1sts and two solid prospects last summer and TK had a career year, so his ask for Tk isn’t going to be cut in half like you have it here. Now I know they aren’t going to get 4 great pieces for TK but they should be getting at least 3 good pieces then.</div></div>

ABD was also 24 at the time and already had two 40 goal seasons under his belt and was a RFA, so part of his value was because there was room for improvement and the controllability with his contract. Konecny will be a UFA in 1 year and has reached his prime which will lower his value in this case compared to ABD. That trade has also pretty much set the market price for wingers. I doubt a team is willing to even give up 3 good pieces now that Konecny has only 1 year left and has reached his prime. Maybe a team is willing to give a pretty high pick for Konecny but I wouldn't expect them to give too much more on top of that depending on the pick. One of the big value drivers last summer was TK's cheap contract that a team could get for 2 years and now there's only 1 year left on it.
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