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Still a Leafs Fan
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16 nov 2015
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Maple Leafs de Toronto
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Still a leafs fan
Forum: NHLThu at 11:30 am
Anaheim Ducks: Jamie Drysdale becomes the shining rookie in the team with an impressive 10+Goals 40+ point season and becomes a Calder Nominee
Arizona Coyotes: Keller bounces back with a 30 goal 70+ point season
Boston Bruins: Swayman takes over as the starting position by Christmas
Buffalo Sabres: Record the worse season record in the salary cap era
Calgary Flames: Fall to bottom 5 in the NHL
Carolina Hurricanes: Tony DeAngelo bounces back with a 50+ point season
Chicago Blackhaws: Debrincat breaks top 3 in goal scoring with 45+ goals
Colorado Avalanche: Bowen Byram breaks into calder nominee conversation with an impressive 40+ point campaign (Cup winners as well)
Columbus Blue Jackets: Zach Werenski records 20 goals 60 points
Dallas Stars: Miro Heiskanen struggles with less than 25 points
Detroit Red Wings: Nedeljkovic, despite the team struggling to bottom 3 in the NHL, records an impressive .925% SVP
Edmonton Oilers: Mcdavid breaks 150 points
Florida Panthers: Stanley Cup Finalist & Ekblad wins Norris
Los Angelas Kings: Suprise comeback into playoff contention breaking into top 3 in the Pacific
Minnesota Wild: Kaprizov records 40 goals 95+ points
Montreal Canadiens: Caufield and Suzuki finish 1/2 in scoring amongst the team with 60+ points each
Nashville Predators: Break into top 3 for NHL draft lottery
New Jersey Devils: Hamilton struggles while Ty Smith improves to be the team leader in defenceman points
New York Islanders: Barzal trade request by draft day
New York Rangers: Lafrieniere struggles again...
Ottawa Senators: WC#2 in the East
Philadelphia Flyers: Farabee leads team in points with 75+ points
Pittsburgh Penguins: End of an era and miss playoffs by 5+ points (due to injuries)
San Jose Sharks: Lottery winners for Shane Wright
St. Louis Blues: Taranseko traded at deadline to the Vegas Golden Knights
Seattle Kraken: Vince Dunn takes the leap with an impressive 10+ goals 50 point campaign.
Tampa Bay Lightning: Kucherov falls short of 150 point campagin by 5 or less points
Toronto Maple Leafs: move pass first round.. to lose to Florida in the 2nd round...
Vancouver Canucks: Nils Hoglander breaks out with 30 goals 65 points
Vegas Golden Knights: Mcdavid breaks them down in 1st round of playoffs to loose in 7
Washington Capitals: Ovechkin breaks 50
Winnipeg Jets: Hellenbuyck becomes a Hart nominee with an impressive 65 game season, 40+ wins and a .935Sv%
Forum: NHLMon at 10:47 am

Carolina 107 Points
New York Islanders 101 Points
Philadelphia 99 Points
New York Rangers 96 Points**
Pittsburgh 95 Points
New Jersey 89 Points
Washington 87 Points
Columbus 80 Points

Tampa 118 Points
Toronto 110 Points
Boston 107 Points
Florida 100 Points*
Montreal 95 Points
Ottawa 90 Points
Detroit 70 Points
Buffalo 60 Points

Colorado 111 Points
Dallas 102 Points
Chicago 98 Points
St. Louis 95 Points*
Minnesota 95 Points**
Winnipeg 91 Points
Nashville 85 Points
Arizona 75 Points

Vegas 105 Points
Edmonton 100 Points
Vancouver 96 Points
Los Angelas 93 Points
Calgary 89 Points
Seattle 86 Points
San Jose 80 Points
Anaheim 66 Points


<em>FIRST ROUND:</em>
Tampa over NYR in 5
Toronto over Boston in 7
Florida over Carolina in 7
Islanders over Philly in 7
Colorado over Minnesota in 4
Chicago over Dallas in 6
Vegas over St. Louis in 5
Edmonton over Vancouver in 7

<em>Second Round:</em>
Tampa over Toronto in 7
Florida over Islanders in 6
Colorado over Chicago in 6
Vegas over Edmonton in 7

Tampa over Florida in 6
Colorado over Vegas in 7

<em>Stanley cup Finals:</em>
Game 1: Colorado 5 Tampa 3
Game 2: Tampa 4 Colorado 0
Game 3: Colorado 3 Tampa 2 OT (Kadri Winner)
Game 4: Tampa 2 Colorado 1 2x OT (Kucherov Winner)
Game 5: Tampa 5 Colorado 3
Game 6: Colorado 4 Tampa 1
Game 7: Colorado 4 Tampa 3

Stanley Cup Winner: Colorado Avalanche

Art Ross: Mcdavid 135 Points (Kucherov 126 Points, Draisaitl 124 Points)
Selke: Barkov (Bergeron, Stone)
Jack Adams: Cooper (Keefe, Bednar)
GM: Zito (Sakic, Dubas)
Lady Byng: Matthews (Barkov, O'Reilly)
Rocket Richard: Matthews 57 goals (Mcdavid 52 goals, Pastrnak 50 goals)
Calder: Caufield (Knight, Zegras)
Norris: Makar (S. Jones, Ekblad)
Ted Lindsay: Mcdavid (Matthews, Makar)
Vezina: Vasilevsky (Fleury, Kuemper)
Hart: Mcdavid (Matthews, Fleury)

<strong>2021-22 Big player Moves:</strong>
Jack Eichel --&gt; Los Angelas Kings
Tarasenko --&gt; Carolina
Gaudreau --&gt; NJ
Hertl --&gt; Edmonton
Forsberg --&gt; Toronto
Kuznetsov --&gt; Vegas
Rakell --&gt; Florida

Top 5 Draft Picks:
Anaheim: Shane Wright
San Jose: Matthew Savoie
Buffalo: Brad Lambert
Detroit: Conor Geekie
Arizona: Ivan Miroshnichenko
Forum: NHL23 jui à 18 h 20
Forum: Armchair-GM 9 jui à 12 h 37
Forum: NHL 5 avr à 22 h 41
Forum: GM Game 2019-20 1 avr à 19 h 09
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hanson493</b></div><div>Good Morning Everyone,

First bit of news, after discussing with <a href="/users/Rodzikhockey93" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@Rodzikhockey93</a>, he will be switching roles with his agm <a href="/users/NR1203" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@NR1203</a> due to his current inactivity in the game. Donny has not been fired, he has not quit, he has just stepped down as gm for the time being. This also means Donny is officially an agm and can choose to be an agm for whichever team he would like... and obviously Nanda (nram1203 on twitter) has been promoted to take over the team. This will act as a trial run for Nanda to see if he has what it takes to be a gm for gm game and similar to arizona, he will have all accepted trades approved by bog until we know he will be all good on his own. He is currently working on getting the page set up, and will be taking a couple days to assess what direction he would like to take the team and what the best way to do that will be.

Donny let us know when you have time again and we will see whats available for gm positions at that time and go from there.

Everyone else make sure you follow nanda on twitter, drop him a message etc, as he will be the new buffalo gm.

Last bit of news, we are discussing the RFA/UFA extensions and what the best way to proceed is. Stay tuned for more info likely to follow this current week.</div></div>

Thank you for the cooperation and understanding,

Will Hopefully become more involved in the game again by next season. Will keep involved in the community and looking at the progression in the game. In the event a new mode has occurred such as a V5. I would like to be notified

Forum: NHL 4 jan à 20 h 41
Each team bold prediction:
Anaheim - Gibson finishes top 5 in Vezina votes
Arizona - another major controversy arises
Boston - Will have a top 10 draft pick in 2021
Buffalo - Eichel wins the Hart
Calgary - Markstrom struggles and Rittich takes over
Carolina - Necas performs well becoming a major asset in the top 6
Chicago - Malcom Subban solidifies himself as a starter
Colorado - Makar wins the Norris
Columbus - Dubois underperforms
Dallas - Klingberg bounces back
Detroit - Not last place... but win the lottery
Edmonton - its a pool party
Florida - make playoffs
LA - Cal Peterson transforms into the starter
Minnesota - Craprizov
Montreal - Make playoffs via Gary Rice
Nashville - Underwhelming season overall
New Jersey - perform above expectations with Subban finding form
New York Islanders - whatever they had going for them ends this season.
New York Rangers - Shesterkin is legit
Ottawa - The island of misfit toys causes some headaches in the all Canadian division (still finishing last)
Philadelphia Flyers - Provorov finishes with the most goals in the NHL amongst defence man
Pittsburgh Penguins - Rutherford trades another 1st round pick
San Jose Sharks - Karlsson bounces back finishing top 5 in defence man points
St. Louis - Robert Thomas finishes top 3 in points amongst teammates
Tampa Bay - Cirelli wins the Selke
Toronto - Robertson wins the Calder
Vancouver - Win the Canadian division but fall out in the first round
Vegas - Fleury regains starting positions with Lehner struggling
Washington - Carlson does not finish top 10 in defence man points
Winnipeg - Miss playoffs
Seattle - Will come in with a bang and send an offer sheet next summer
Forum: NHL21 déc 2020 à 10 h 33