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<strong>Atlantic: </strong>

New York Rangers
New Jersey
New York Islanders

St. Louis

San Jose
Los Angelas

<strong>Round 1:</strong>
Florida over Pittsburgh in 6
Toronto over Tampa in 7
Carolina over Boston in 5
Washington over Rangers in 5

Colorado over Nashville in 4
Minnesota over St. Louis in 7
Vegas over Winnipeg in 5
Edmonton over Calgary in 7

<strong>Round 2: </strong>
Florida over Toronto in 5
Washington over Carolina 6

Colorado over Minnesota in 7
Vegas over Edmonton in 5

<strong>Round 3: </strong>
Florida over Washington in 5
Vegas over Colorado in 7

<strong>Stanley Cup Final:</strong>
Game 1: Florida 4 Vegas 3
Game 2: Vegas 6 Florida 2
Game 3: Vegas 3 Florida 2 OT (Theodore Winner)
Game 4: Florida 2 Vegas 1
Game 5: Florida 6 Vegas 5 OT (Barkov winner)
Game 6: Vegas 4 Florida 1
Game 7: Florida 3 Vegas 1

Selke Trophy: Bergeron (Matthews, Lindholm)
Art Ross: Mcdavid (Draisaitl, Panarin)
Rocket Richard: Matthews (Mcdavid, Draisaitl)
Norris: Fox (Ekblad, Makar)
Vezina: Markstrom (Campbell, Vasilevsky)
Calder: Zegras (Seider, Raymond)
Lady Byng: Matthews (Slavin, Barkov)
Jack Adams: Evason (Laviolette, Gallant)
GM of the year: Zito (Yzerman, Guerin)
Ted Lindsay: Mcdavid (Draisaitl, Ovechkin)
Hart Trophy: Mcdavid (Fox, Markstrom)

Top Five Draft picks:
1. Shane Wright - Seattle Kraken
2. Matthew Savoie - Ottawa Senators
3. Conor Geekie - Arizona Coyotes
4. Logan Cooley - Buffalo Sabres
5. Simon Nemec - Montreal Canadians
Forum: Armchair-GM29 oct. 2021 à 14 h 10
Sujet: Fire Dubas
Critiquing whatever this jumbo was:

Lets revisit Kyle Dubas transactions as GM, he dug a hole early by signing unproven players to mid term contracts pretty much the worst outcome, either sign for 8 or bridge, he choose otherwise... <strong>Most signings were excellent signings. Marner only one that could have been done at a lower AAV or longer term
Signed JT to an 11 mill aav, I like the signing not the cap hit but overall good signing ... <strong>Free agent premium Signings of course its going to be above cap</strong>

Traded away Matt Martin who remains in the league on a good team..<strong>. No way you suppor this signing brudda..</strong>

Waived 2 Goaltenders to make way for Sparks only to watch C Mac win a cup in Tampa ... <strong>Fluke as Mc outperformed and Sparks unfortuante with bad luck</strong>

Botched the Nylander signing took way to long in the end a good signing ... <strong>Great signing but could have been done earlier</strong>

Traded for Muzzin, great trade

Signed AM34, while a no brainer Dubas got schooled. Sign to 8 year or hold to a bridge player has no leverage and he's never signing more then McDavid. Stupid precedent set for Marner. <strong>Done before offseason and eliminated risk of offersheet</strong>

Traded a 1st round pick and Marleau to save cap space, complete idiot. ... <strong>Agree dubas worse move</strong>

Signed Kapp and Johnnson to decent deals could have squeezed them more

Resigned Marincin WTF... <strong>whatever</strong>

Signed Spezza, has turned out to be gold. Give all the credit here to spezza.

Traded away Zeitzev and Brown for nothing all because Dubas doesn't know hockey. How good would connor brown look now on our team and he would have signed a reasonable 8 year deal to stay a Leaf... <strong>Zaitsev was the wrose contract in the league you pig it the ask to get rid of him would have been so much worse. </strong>

Trade away Kadri for Tyson Barrie and Kerfoot, this was the tipping point of Leaf failures.<strong>.. Good trade at the time and kadri time was up due to playoff blunders.. Barrie jsut didnt work out</strong>

Leafs Sign Marner to the most ridiculous contract in Leaf history and then Dubas proclaims Marner will be Bronze statue one day...<strong>wont even get into it</strong>

Traded for Jack Campbell, looks like one of few good decisions.

Trade away Kapanen for nothing ... <strong>farted at the fact that you think the return is nothing...</strong>

Sign TJ Brodie as a FA looks like a good signing

Sign Zach Bogosian as FA was a great depth signing but let him walk after 1 year ... <strong>bogosian had no part in returning to play in canada as he came out and said. </strong>

Trade Johnnson for nothing..<strong>. hes very poor</strong>

Spent the last part of last year forcing Sandin into the lineup to find out if he can replace Reilly, and continue to force him in the first Round Loss part due to his terrible play...<strong> huh?</strong>

Traded big for Nick Foligno and well never know how that could have worked out

Overall... you might be the biggest R on the platform G