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With preseason concluded and NHL starting tonight (minus international event) Lets hear what every one's overall predictions are heading into the season:

<strong>Atlantic: </strong>
Toronto Maple Leafs 118 points
Tampa Bay Lightning 113 points
Florida Panthers 101 points
Boston Bruins 96 points
Ottawa Senators 95 Points
Detroit Red Wings 88 points
Buffalo Sabres 82 points
Montreal Canadiens 73 points

New York Rangers 115 Points
Carolina Hurricanes 110 Points
Pittsburgh Penguins 100 Points
Washington Capitals 98 Points*
New Jersey Devils 96 Points**
Columbus Blue Jackets 90 Points
New York Islanders 86 Points
Philadelphia Flyers 65 Points

Colorado Avalanche 111 Points
St. Louis Blues 106 Points
Nashville Predators 102 Points
Minnesota Wild 99 Points*
Dallas Stars 95 Points
Winnipeg Jets 87 Points
Chicago Blackhawks 70 Points
Arizona Coyotes 60 Points

Calgary Flames 107 Points
Edmonton Oilers 104 Points
Vegas Golden Knights 97 Points
Vancouver Canucks 96 Points**
Los Angeles Kings 94 Points
Anaheim Ducks 85 Points
Seattle Kraken 77 Points
San Jose Sharks 74 Points

<strong>Round 1 Stanley Cup Playoffs</strong>

<em>Eastern Conference:</em>
Toronto Maples over New Jersey Devils in 5
Tampa Bay Lightning over Florida Panthers in 6
New York Rangers over Washington Capitals in 4
Carolina Hurricanes over Pittsburgh Penguins in 6

<em>Western Conference:</em>
Colorado Avalanche over Vancouver Canucks in 5
Nashville Predators over St. Louis Blues in 6
Calgary Flames over Minnesota Wild in 7
Edmonton Oilers over Vegas Golden Knights in 5

<strong>Round 2 Stanley Cup Playoffs</strong>
<em>Eastern Conference:</em>
Toronto Maple Leafs over Tampa Bay Lightning in 5
Carolina Hurricanes over New York Rangers in 7

<em>Western Conference:</em>
Nashville Predators over Colorado Avalanche in 7
Calgary Flames over Edmonton Oilers in 7

<strong>Eastern Conference Finals</strong>
Carolina Hurricanes over Toronto Maple Leafs in 6
Calgary Flames over Nashville Predators in 5

<strong>Stanley Cup Finals game by game</strong>
Game 1: Carolina 4 Calgary 3
Game 2: Carolina 6 Calgary 2
Game 3: Calgary 3 Carolina 2 OT (Huberdeau winner)
Game 4: Calgary 5 Carolina 3
Game 5: Carolina 4 Calgary 1
Game 6 Carolina 3 Calgary 1

Carolina Hurricanes defeats Calgary flames in 6 games to win the 2022-23 Stanley Cup

<strong>AWARDS: </strong>
Hart Trophy: Matthews (Saros, Makar)
Lady Byng Trophy: C. Tanev (Gaudreau, Panarin)
Vezina Trophy: Saros (Shesterkin, Markstrom)
Calder Trophy: Beniers (Power, McTavish)
Art Ross Trophy: Mcdavid 126 Points (Kucherov 119 Points, Matthews 118 Points)
Norris Trophy: Makar (Ekblad, Fox)
Rocket Richard Trophy: Matthews 64 goals (Mcdavid 55 goals, Laine 52 goals)
Ted Lindsay Trophy: Makar (Matthews, Mcdavid) *(Makar 95 points 30 goal season)
Conn Smythe Trophy: Andersen (Slavin, Aho)
Frank J. Selke Trophy: Barkov (Lindholm, Danault)
Jack Adams Trophy: Gallant (Keefe, Berube)
GM of the year: Waddell (Treliving., Dubas)

NHL Top 5 draft picks:
Philadelphia Flyers: Connor Bedard
Arizona Coyotes: Adam Fantilli
Chicago Blackhawks: Dalibor Dvorsky
Montreal Canadiens: Brayden Yager
San Jose Sharks: Matvei Michkov

Top 5 in season/deadline deals:
1. Jakob Chychrun to the Ottawa Senators
2. Jonathan Toews at 50% retention to the Edmonton Oilers
3. Blake Wheeler to the Nashville Predators
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New York Rangers
New Jersey*
New York Islanders


St. Louis


Los Angelas**
San Jose

1st Round:
New York Rangers over Washington in 6
Carolina over Pittsburgh in 5
Toronto over New Jersey in 5
Tampa over Florida in 7
Colorado over Los Angelas in 4
St Louis over Nashville in 6
Edmonton over Minnesota in 7
Vegas over Calgary in 6

2nd Round:
Carolina over Rangers in 5
Toronto over Tampa in 7
St. Louis over Colorado in 7
Edmonton over Vegas in 6

3rd Round:
Carolina over Toronto in 6
Edmonton over St. Louis in 5

Stanley Cup Finals:
Carolina over Edmonton in 5

Hart Trophy: Mcdavid (Makar, Barkov)
Lady Byng: Barkov (Marner, Gaudreau)
Vezina: Shesterkin (Vasilevsky, Campbell)
Calder: Beniers (Power, Rossi)
Art Ross: Mcdavid 128 (Draisaitl 121, Kucherov 120)
Norris: Makar (Hedman, Ekblad)
Ted Lindsay: Mcdavid (Matthews, Makar)
Conn Smythe: Andersen (Mcdavid, Aho)
Jack Adams: Woodcroft (Keefe, Cassidy)
Selke: Barkov (Danault, Crosby)
Rocket Richard: Matthews 67 (Draisaitl 57, J Robertson 52)
GM Award: Waddel (Dubas, Holland)

Top 5 Draft:
1. Connor Bedard - San Jose Sharks
2. Matvei Michkov- Arizona Coyotes
3. Adam Fantilli - Chicago Blackhawks
4. Brayden Yager - Philadelphia Flyers
5. Dailbor Dvorsky - Montreal Canadiens