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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Leafsfan98</b></div><div>You, sir, are a clown... Stuzle isn't hitting 100 and Matthews will win the Rocket and hit 100 1rst off... Second of all, look at Toronto's 2021 2nd round pick, Matthew Knies or their 2022 pick Fraser Minten... Both are either in the NHL or will be in the NHL whithin a year

Ottawa hasn't made the playoffs in 6 years and are the 7th best team in a division of 8... Ottawa overpays guys like Korpisalo, Norris, Joseph, Batherson and now have no space for Pinto... Yes, signing a top 3 player in the NHL will be worth it to any team... Just bc a German flopper gets 8.3 doesn't make him better... And the fact still remains that Bobrovsky single handedly carried Florida past the 65 win Bruins (Are they trash?), the Leafs and swept the Hurricanes (If the Leafs are bad and they did better agaisnt Florida than Carolina, doesn't this make Carolina bad?) when you're trying to argue a team that didn't make the playoffs in that year is better is pure hypocrisy... Then add that Toronto OWNS Ottawa everywhere (RS, Playoffs, preseason) and what's your point besides being an absolute Homer</div></div>

LMAO!!! You really think Austin Matthews is top 3 player in the league???!!! He's not even a top 5 center in the league forget top 3 player overall.... You must have a traumatic brain injury or something. Matthews likely stays and hovers around the 80-85 point range. Stutzle already hit 90 points, he hit 90 points in his career before Matthews did. Ottawa likely has Stutzle who most will agree will be a regular 100 point player at $8.3M. My point? This is how you ACTUALLY build a team. Again not sure where you are getting lost here? Ottawa wasn't trying to win for 3-4 of the years you are crapping on them for.. That is what a rebuild is.... Fraser Minten? come on.... He will be the next Nick Robertson....remember 2 years ago when everyone thought he was the next big 40 goal scorer? Sandin was going to be the next Norris trophy candidate? Matthew Knies will be a very good 3rd liner. Just like when Jeremy Bracco had a good year in the AHL he was going to come up and take the NHL by storm because he was drafted by the Lerafs!! How did that turn out again?

Carolina was missing the equivalent of 60+ goals missing Svechnikov and Paccioretti. If you think that didn't make a difference you're insane. Carolina learned the hard way, that having too many Seth Jarvis, Sebastian Aho, Teravainen's.... isn't a recipe to win in the playoffs. Look who they added? Bunting who plays chippy, Orlov or plays gritty, Brendan Lenieux... The Leafs? They send off Bunting who actually scored 20 goals and played chippy, and gave $5.5M to a guy that scored an impressive 8 goals this past season and is no more chippy than Bunting is. Toronto keeps doing the same thing over and over even with a new GM....

So I have to ask again.... How is it you think Toronto is anything decent? Besides the opening round exit every year what do you have as a claim to fame of success? Seriously? After missing the playoffs 10 of 11 seasons.... It took you that long to finally put together a team that made the playoffs for 6 straight seasons with almost zero success. You can't draft anyone outside the 1st round hence why you have to pay Matthews $13.25M.... Why Nylander will get his $10M....

Ottawa finds 20 goal scorers in the middle rounds, we find players that can contribute past the 1st round. Yes we missed the playoffs by design the past few years. When Ottawa makes the playoffs they generally have some success in them. Toronto can't say that, Toronto can't say they routinely find good players in the middle of the draft, they don't work their salary cap all that well, they are already what $10M into LTIR? You have 4 players signed for longer than 2 years!!! Matthews, Kampf, Reilly, Reaves!!! LMAO!!! Ottawa? Stutzle, Norris, Batherson, Chabot, Korpisalo, Tkachuk, Joseph, MacEwen &amp; Zub!! We have our top end guys signed long-term with the cap going up. The Leafs? Don't even bother. The Leafs have hit their peak it's as simple as that. They have no prospects, they have no cap space, and your best players likely have run out ceiling to become better. Good luck with that, You Leaf fans waited 11 years and built a team that will bottom out winning one round in 20 years. Ottawa's window is just starting, and they are fasr more well rounded than the Leafs.

From last year? Ottawa will have Chychrun, Korpisalo, Tarasenko, and Kubalik.... losing guys like Watson, Gambrell, Holden, and DeBrincat. That is progress.

Toronto? you brought in 8 goals worth of Bertuzzi, 20 goals from Domi... Those two COMBINED equal 5 goals more than Bunting alone. Kerfoot who adds another 10 goals lost and played a big part of your defensive game. Toronto if they even did that went sideways, they didn't improve. Giordano and Brodie struggled last season and are a year older, much like Tavares... Look in the mirror when talking about being a hypocrit and a homer LMAO. You have drank far too much of the Maple Leaf koolaid.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MitchJr</b></div><div>Bud, you’re my hero - keep fighting a losing battle.
Stone - gone, Hoffman - gone, formenton - banished, Pinto - unsigned, Batherson - overpaid. Leafs will have no problem signing their own, or attracting new, players. Don’t worry about us but keeping being jealous of us. And like I say prep for the draft but you guys are so good at it you’ve missed the playoffs 8 of 10 😕</div></div> lost this argument the second you touched your keyboard and tried to pretend like you have the tools to form a proper idea. The Leafs are total crap. Batherson overpaid? I guess I'd think that too if Leaf fans can look at Matthews contract as a solid signing LMAO. At least we know where those players are.... The Leafs? After the first round no one even knows where those prospects end up... certainly isn't the NHL LMAO. 8 of 10 but in a full scale rebuild. Toronto missed 10 of 11 with a skin of their teeth playoff appearance and obviously a 1st round exit in 11 years. That's an entore decade without any success whatsoever. Ottawa okay missed 10 of 12 but we have a Conference Finals, a Stanley Cup Finals.... The Leafs? You have a season in which you won 5 playoff games and that is like the best you have in more than 20 years!!! Can you even comprehend how pathetic that is?

I explained to you that the Leafs can't draft anyone of significance outside the 1st round....Ottawa? obviously does, When Toronto makes the playoffs? They generally lose but I mean the sun does shine on a dog's ass once in a while and they got past a team that played an EXTRA 84 games over 4 years compared to Toronto's what? 20? LMAO... Not to mention 84 playoff games not easy regular season games. If the Leafs ever find a way to sustain any real playoff success you'd understand. Ottawa fans understand it we've seen a few runs. The Leafs got owned not beaten, they got owned by a team that finished just barely into the wildcard spot. Tampa was ripe to be beat just because of the fatigue factor. Had they played ANYONE else they'd have been out.

Drafting? Ottawa destroys the Leafs.... Playoff success over the past 10 years? Ottawa destroys the Leafs, look at Ottawa's cap situation compared to Toronto's? It's not even close. Ottawa will have a 100 point center making $8.3M... Mastthews if he even hits 100 points which is doubtful I'll say 85-90 points at $13.25M for 4 years? Tkachuk at likely 90 points? $8.2M... Nylander who will if he has a good year stay near his career best of 80 points and will get his $9.5 - 10M LMAO.... Just face it.... in every aspect Toronto pales in comparison to Ottawa. Leaf fans will just see it differently becausde Ottawa tore everything to the ground. But now we're built back up, we will see what happens. Ottawa makes the playoffs and imagine what Leaf fans will think if Ottawa makes the 2nd round and the Leafs don't? Ottawa in one season will have as many playoff series wins as the Leafs do in 20 years. That is the reality. If Ottawa makes the 2nd round this season.... They would have as many series wins as Toronto does in 20!!! That is what your Leafs really are.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MitchJr</b></div><div>Again, I repeat:
1/ you’ve issued the playoffs six straight years (soon to be seven) and 8 out of 10
2/ you play in a barn
3/ you’re the 2nd most popular team in your home arena when leafs come to town

Leafs are richer, more popular, more successful &amp; have the better team - all objective facts.
But keep barking 😂 last year it was Norris’ injury; I’ll circle back in springtime when you miss out again - wonder what the excuse’ll be then.</div></div>

LMAO dude!!! Have you ever been to a game in Toronto? It's a morgue in there.... Half the fans don't even watch the games they hang out in the bars.

Again I reiterate, Ottawa was in rebuilding mode, Yes we have good players now but we don't have the depth of teams that were in win-now mode. So a team like Ottawa was always going tov have a tough time replacing a guy like Norris it's that simple. The Leafs have 1 series win and will have only 1 series wion in 2 full decades!! The Leafs missed the playoffs 10 of 11 years with a single 1st round loss or else it would be 11 straight years and a North American record. That is simple facts. Ottawa spennt the first 3 seasons of missing the playoffs with guys like Stepan, in our top 6. That's what happens when you do a complete rebuild. Toronto was never in rebuild when they missed the playoffs 10 of 11 years. They were just bad.

The Leafs can be richer, and more popular but that will be their only claim to fame. Ottawa has more playoff series wins in 7 years than the Leafs have in over 20. That is a fact, Ottawa is the more successful team. Once Ottawa gets to the 2nd round this season and the Leafs don't? Ottawa will have as many series wins in just this season than the Leafs have in 20 years.... There is no way around that plain and simple. That is just how pathetic the Leaf franchise really is.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Leafsfan98</b></div><div>Holy cow you're delusional... Toronto's core features: Matthews, 25, Marner, 26, Nylander, 27, Rielly, 29, JT, 32, only a few years older than Ottawa's... Stuzle had less goals and 3 more points in 10 more games... Leafs top line is better and they have Domi, cup finals, Murray, 2 cups, Muzzin, cup, Sammy, cup. Leafs core &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Ottawa's core

No, it isn't... Toronto's defence is so much better than Ottawa's. They have better depth and better up front players...If Ott's defence was so good and Toronto's not as much, why did Toronto allow 50 fewer goals when there was a span where Jordie Benn wad the Leafs' number 1 guy? HAHAHA who's Ottawa's number 1 guy? Rielly is Toronto's ( you know, the guy that OWNS Chabot and the Sens... And produces in the playoffs). I do wonder though, how many playoff games have Stuzle, Tkachuk, Chabot and Norris have combined? 0 is correct

You are so biased... You know Korpisalo, the one that had a .891 save % in the playoffs... Or the one that was mediocre last 2 year? Compared to a .919 Sammy?

Huh? Ottawa is softer than my bedtime pillow... Tkachuk/Kastelic only go after the little guy and Chychrun isn't physical at all... And who the f**k is Kleven? Leafs take this series in 5 tops... Ottawa can't handle Bert, Domi, McCabe, Reaves, playoff Matthews (the one where he averages 3 hits a game), playoff Rielly, playoff Willy. Ottawa is so down bad, they aren't better than Toronto, Tampa, Detroit, Buffalo, Carolina, NYR, Devils, Pits or NYI so there's no spot left... And as for the stupidity in your last comment, The Leafs are still young, Ottawa's in bigger cap trouble than Toronto (they still don't have Pinto signed and have no cap space) and have a worse prospect pool than the Leafs...

All in all, stop being a clown who's bias towards his favourite team... Ottawa's outclassed by Toronto in every aspect</div></div>

My god dude you are delusional.... You know the Leafs keep losing in the first round for a reason right? Not a few bad breaks etc. Bertizzi scored 8 goals!!! But I get it... He's a Leaf now and once that jersey goes on players just become twice the player they were....I mean that is the reality right? Domi is in what team 20? But again he will strikle Leaf magic because everyone just becomes better putting on that jersey right?

Cup wins? You mean all the broken pieces that aren't going to play for you? Muzzin and Murray? Don't you find it odd how the Leafs are always chasing Ottawa left overs? Mete, Gambrell, Greening, Lajoie, and whole slew of others LMAO. So Toronto knows Ottawa is on the up and up hence why they take our retreads all the time. Let me guess? Klingberg will play twice as hard and will probaboy hit 70- points because he will want to remain a Leaf to his heart's content right? The Leafs are a joke, and had Ottawa not had to use 7 goaltenders, lose their 2nf line center all season long, Ottawa would've finished much higher up in the standings.

Stutzle is 21 years old.... How many points did Matthews get in his 3rd year? I want to hear you say it.... Stutzle will hit 100 points in his 4th year!! Will be making $4M less, and will likely outscore Matthews again this season. Toronto is on for a massive fall this season. Bertuzzi is not a top line type player, hence why Detroit and Boston didn't trry all that hard to retain him. Domi is a 3rd liner and no one ever keeps him, he's no better than a journeyman 3rd 4th liner.

Stop being a homer... You know the reasons the Leafs aren;'t going to make it. You're all insane!! Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result... Your prospect cupboard? You mean a couple of midgets and the next Colin Greening? Robertson is a nobody.... The little Finnish kid isn;t anything either, Toronto just advertises well but there is a reason these guys aren't going to pan out.

Lastly, Could you imagibne what would've happened had the Leafs played the Oilers in the playoffs? You talk about Korpisalo struggling... Woll ort Samsonov wouldn't have fared even close to as well as Korpisalo did. Edmonton's offense is the envy of the league. Toronto would've been out in 3 games. Florida spotted a 7 gpoal game on you. Every playoff game would've spotted the Oilers a 7 spot against the Leafs. With that Leaf defense? L.A. had Doughty, Gavriokov, and Kopitar who is a Selke nominee every year. The Leafs would've been the first team since 1890 to be out in 3 games LMAO