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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Redguard191</b></div><div>Your premise for the Vegas trade is that they need to move cap space in order to solve their team needs. So the solution is to trade a cost controlled player signed for another 5 years or their other cost controlled player in Stephenson.

1. If Stone and Lehner are back next year they have 2.5M in cap space with a 22 man roster, without making a move so not in desperate need of cap space.
2. Talbot isn't worth that cost when Hill is only day to day (currently skating) and Brossoit is a more than capable backup
3. Martinez's contract is up in 1 more year so the more likely target to move
4. They can get a better return for Whitecloud if their intention was to free up space for Korczak or Miromanov</div></div>

They have $2.5M with 18 skaters still need another 4. Martinez is a top defenseman making under $6M and is the best defensive d-man you have. When you're trying to win and shed cap space you're not selling off your top pairing RD, especially when he is a great cap hit. I do agree Whitecloud is on a good cap hit but he's a bottom pairing guy on Vegas and $2.75M is great if he is playing in your top 4 but he isn't. Tip my hat to the Knights they built a helluva defense I'd say the best in the league in my opinion.

Ottawa shed salary because they need to re-sign DeBrincat.... They're not going to sell off Chabot or Zub to get it done. They sold off Zaitsev. Ottawa has had a ton of draft picks pan out so they have a base of prospects to replace guys like Watson (4th line), Brasard (3rd-4th Line), Holden (3rd pairing)... Hard to win making guys like Martinez the casualties. You're not going to move Karlsson, not unless you're throwing multiple 1st rounders and still likely taking on salary to retain.

I mentioned Talbot because apparently Vegas has been kicking tires on him and they did kick tires on him before the season started. You sold of Patches to start the year for nothing and the offense is struggling for it. You trade off Martinez and you're not getting better. Vegas is in win-now. If you can move out a bottom pairing guy, replace with a cheaper just as talented guy in Korczak? It makes sense. Bottom pairing guys generally are making in the $900K - $1.4M. Whitecloud although talented, is an overpayment for the position. He's not that on most teams, but Vegas needs that cap hit to apply up front.
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