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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ON3M4N</b></div><div>Wow a lot to unpack here. I'm skip over attempted insults and focus on some of your "points" in your post.

Swayman since last year ranks 6th among all goalies in GSAA and since last year his .930 SV% ranks best in the NHL among goalies with at least 10 games. His HDSV% is the 6th best in the NHL again going back to last season. To say the goaltending is lack luster makes me question everything else in your post.

As for Lysell he was ranked as a top 10 pick in last years draft and multiple scouting reports project him as a top 6 winger. You can disagree all you want, I'm going on what I've read in reports and have personally seen. Also comparing his production his first year in the WHL to a guy whose in his 4th year in the QMJHL is questionable at best.

Lohrei without his offense is still strong enough defensively and has the size to be a 3rd pairing guy in the NHL. You being a "fan of Lohrei" would know that though.

And yes I am in awe if guys like Zegras and Seider because they are insanely talented players, which is why they are in the NHL now.

With all that said I'm done. I don't have anymore time for someone who needs to hurl insults.


If you think that's me hurling "insults", you must have had a very sheltered childhood

Also I don't really think you've rebutted any of my points either, which is frustrating because you act like you have.

Swayman has been getting duel starts with Ullmark, no? At one point, he was even sent down to Providence in favour of Tuukka Rask coming back. While he is a good goaltender, and you're stats may seem impressive, but he is much behind elite goalies in his conference such as Vasilevskiy, Bobrovsky, Vanecek, Jarry, Andersen, etc. I could go on. I don't think he would hold up well in a playoff scenario in the next few seasons, and by that time the Bruins' window will have closed. So one of your arguments is invalid.

Okay, Lysell was ranked top 10 by a few scouts. As much as I'd like to agree and stop it there, I'm sure the 20 NHL GMs that passed him on would agree with me in that this certain argument is also invalid. If he were a top 10 caliber player, he probably would have been taken in the top 10. Or even the top 15. Looking back at pasts drafts where a forward has been selected 21st overall, I can see a sort of trend. In 2011, Stefan Noesen was probably considered a top 6 forward prospect. The same probably goes for Frederik Gauthier in 2013. Julien Gauthier in 2016. And Filip Chytil in 2017. And Sam Poulin in 2019. The only two forwards that I found that achieved mild success were Robby Fabbri and Colin White, although I think you would agree with me that neither of those players would be a top six forward on a playoff team? Any argument here? I don't think so.
And let's talk about his production, shall we? As I keep stressing, The Bruins' window is closing. They have about 2-3 more years until Brad Marchand starts to decline and the team begins a nosedive. In that case, it would certainly be helpful if Lysell were to develop quickly. But his point totals with Vancouver aren't exactly impressive for a first rounder. I'm not sure what your reports may say, but usually first round picks score more than barely above PPG in the CHL, especially if they have experience in the SHL like Lysell does. I find your point about Bourgault ridiculous, because Bourgault has had 4 years in the Q, yes, but Lysell played a year with men in the SHL, one of the best amateur leagues in the world. So it would make sense that he could translate his production against much weaker competition. Second argument also invalid.

Okay, you think Lohrei could be a 3rd pairing guy. That's fantastic, but not what the Bruins need. I am a fan, and I do believe he has the size and ability to be a 3rd pairing defenceman as well. But not a star two-way defenceman, which is what the Bruins need, because Lindholm isn't exactly on that level either.

I'm glad you're done, because you clearly don't have any more points to bring forward. I don't feel the need to hurl insults, just defeat you with logic, which I feel I have done effectively. I haven't called you a single name or implied that you have a negative characteristic, just pointed out that you are biased by your homer mindset, which you are.

TBH the Bruins' situation makes me feel even better about what Kent Hughes and the Habs are doing with our franchise. I hope you have a good night.