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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>oliver_wahlstrom</b></div><div>1.1 GAR, a career low. That has been decreasing each season since 19-20, has not surpassed a .5 ppg season in his career, with his career best happening in 17-18. He has only gotten worse defensively and has 3 more years left at 6.75.

For the record, his 1.1 GAR was good for 503rd in the NHL this season. His point per 60 of .946 was good for 124th in the NHL this season.

So why would a team move a 1st and prospect for an average, maybe above average overpaid defenseman?

Im not saying he wont get more than a 6th, but thats just not his value. If your answer is that some NHL GMs are stupid then sure, ill take that. But its not because he is a high caliber player</div></div>
There’s a million different useless stat systems that all say XYZ… and really don’t mean Jack, no one’s perfected a method which numbers are not inflated by the quality of one’s team and line mates… so him playing with a 3rd pair D like Braun who really can’t be trusted for many aspects of the game definitely is going to hurt his numbers
Even corsi has its flaws when coming to that.

I’m also not one of those chumps on here that go to the default of (insert GM name) is dumb… Romanov got his return as a guy with a 2nd pair ceiling for multiple reasons. A high/mid first like he got really isn’t that much of an overpay… if the pick was 18-22 in the draft I don’t think many people would say it was an overpay…

Provorov to a playoff team getting a first and a good prospect isn’t a large return… he probably could get a high pick like 13 OA and a high prospect if there’s a few teams in on him, but a pick from a playoff team/contender and a top prospect if anything is low for him…
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