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Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 10:39 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Breadmanhawks</b></div><div>It doesn't make me any more of a Leafs hater then you guys being Kings haters lol.

Matthews had all the leverage because Tavares signed his 11M contract. So Matthews was like, I'm better then him and deserve that money. And then Marner came along and was like hey I'm putting up 95 point seasons while Matthews is injured, why can't I get that money. Next thing you know, you have three players making 11 million dollars and you can't build a team.

Doughty is overpaid but the difference is that he was a major reason that the Kings won two cups in three years and he's been a top three defensemen for pretty much his entire career whereas Tavares was not really a top 3 forward besides maybe one season. And the most important thing is that the contract came from Los Angeles because they were rewarding him for how great he played and was playing. So future stars won't have that sort of leverage in contract negotiations.</div></div>

Since People haven't attacked the Kings for that contract kinda does make you out to be the hater while other are just pointing out Doughty's contract is rough. Also the logic of rewarding a player after they achieved something is how you get the Kings, Sharks, Blackhawks and contracts like Marleau. Paying a player because they were good just sets you up for them to not live up to that contract. The direction of the league is paying for a players best years and not how good they have been. This is coming from a Vegas fan who has the lead weight that is Fleury and cloud of Pietro in the future.

Matthews without Tavares would look at the rest of the league and still look to get paid what he got. Marner contract you won't hear argument he should have been 8.5-9.
Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 10:19 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Breadmanhawks</b></div><div>Matthews should have gotten paid an Eichel type deal: 8 times 10M. Not a 5 year 11.7M type bull**** deal. Marner should have been paid like 9M. Tavares should have never been offered a contract, definitely not over 9M either. If he didn't want it, let him walk.

I love Matthews and I think Marner is becoming underrated because of his contract. But there is no denying that Toronto mismanaged the contracts of their star players. Didn't they give like 6.5 for 3 years to Marleau at like 38 lol. Like what?

Now I'm not saying that my team doesn't make stupid contracts, which they do. But the whole thing was about that guy making fun of LA for the Doughty contract while ignoring the fact that his team is filled with bad contracts.</div></div>

Yeah well the Doughty contract is one of the worst in the league. Dude is 30 with a full NMC for another 7 years. Not being able to accept that kind of makes you out to be a hater bringing nothing productive to the conversation. You admit the Hawks signed themselves have **** contracts.

To your argument about Eichel, the league is moving away from 8 year contracts that end up like Doughty. Also as much as you say Matthews contract sucks he is worth every penny and he had all of the leverage in that situation. You can't replace him. The Tavares contact is less then most of the teams around the league were offering and they now have one of the scariest 1-2 in the league.

You can't judge the current Leafs on Marleau when Lu inked that deal.
Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 10:01 am
Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 5:21 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>yikes</b></div><div>Miller and Horvat : I felt like people didn’t like the Miller trade and all the talk was about Hughes, EP, and the goalie situation most of the year but I think these two guys are amazing, incredible. I think they both got some love during the playoffs but I think these guys are criminally forgotten, more so horvat.

Elias lindholm : I think ever since he’s joined Calgary he’s been a real strong pick up but never hear much about him

Foligno : think the guy can still play some real good two way hockey and is a player I would kill to have on my team.

Mika Z : I feel like people may say OH HE PLAYED WITH PANARIN THO blah blah. But he didn’t have a incredible change from no panarin to panarin and is just an amazing player who’s got to be a long term player for the rags.

Gallagher : unreal adv. stats. I think shoulda got the C (hot take???)

Iafallo : on a bad team but this guy can play and is on a good contract

Danault : I guess he’s not underrated because everyone says he’s underrated but I feel like he’s still a player who may deserve 4-5.5 million but will get hate if he does, so by that I think he is under appreciated.

Hintz: kids awesome but never hear much about him other than from Jeff Marek lol

Maroon : big rig (insert his shirtless drunk cup celly photo)

Hertl : I feel like only sharks fans know he’s our best player

Bonino : guys criminally underrated

Morrissey : I just think the guy doesn’t get enough love

Karlsson : people literally only look at his contract when discussing Karlsson and his play

Lindholm : guy would be the talk of the town if he played in Toronto

Theodore : ^^^^repeat

Brodin : the classic story of a defender who plays defence real damn well but isn’t “flashy” so he never gets brought up

Orlov : real solid top 4 guy but plays behind some super stars

Andersen : elite

Dell : played actually decent (DECENT) on a horrendous team</div></div>

As a Vegas fan Hertl is my favorite Shark because of how damn good he is. Every time I see him play I get anxious.
Forum: Armchair-GM14 oct à 12 h 55
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mvp13</b></div><div>This might not be the place to ask this, but I'm just curious to ask a Vegas fan... is this team really better than last year? Is gaining Pietrangelo really worth losing your 2C, forward depth, and defense depth? I guess they thought they'd have an easy out by moving Fleury... but apparently nobody wanted him, and Lehner's shoulder surgery might've also forced their hand.

From the outside looking in, this roster just looks worse than last year... and that's if they go this route, and not the Marchessault route via rumors. Curious to know what Vegas fans think.</div></div>

From a fan perspective Statsny lost his 2C position in the playoffs and was losing it before the pandemic happened. They believe Glass can step up and Statsny's production has been falling off quickly even when surrounded by talent. Losing Schmidt sucked, not going to sugar coat it. I believe Schmidt is a casualty of Pietro will play the same position as Schmidt and Theodore will be playing the right side too.

As to Fleury I believe management ****ed up because they were too proud. The problem with Fleury isn't that no one wanted him but that other teams wanted too much from Vegas to move him. The management group should have just sucked it up and given 1st+2nd to the team that was offering to be the middle man. The offer was there to take the full salary before FA and they were too full of themselves thinking when goalie frenzy was over they could get closer to the offer they wanted.

Forward production going to be the same realistically. Defense is going to be a toss up if they move McNabb, Hague and Bischoff are both NHL ready. That cap on the bench every game is going to suck though. So I guess TLDR the team looks like they could be roughly the same as last year