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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mv21227</b></div><div>We’re really saying closer to home for a player from Europe? Are the Habs really better managed/coached? Is Montreal really a better city to play in than Vancouver?

Canucks have better players, a strong history with Swedish players, a better city to play and live in, and he wouldn’t be criticized for not being able to speak French</div></div>

Look at the turnover from the coaching situation, it's ridiculous. Like how is that even something you are debating this with how we saw how badly the Vancouver management screwed over Bruce. As well as completely mismanaging the Horvat situation. Even just the vibes of the team/enjoyment of playing for the team are way in Montreal's favour, on one hand you have a team that has JT Miller who is one of the most outwardly toxic players in the game, with the only person that was keeping him in check being traded away. On the other you have a team of young guys being coached by a legend of the game as a coach who has been loved by the players. It is true that he doesn't speak french, but you know who also doesn't speak french? Caufield, and it is unanimous love that he gets from the fanbase. In terms of your players, you have Hughes and Miller, that is your entire team that isn't Pettersson (Andrei Kuzmenko's regression from a 27.4% shooting% will be interesting to watch, it's like the Norris situation on steroids) and there is almost no one coming up the pipeline, as Vancouver has a unanimously garbage prospect pool.
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