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Forum: Armchair-GMSat at 9:50 pm
Kaprizov's not available.

And talk's haven't stalled, they're just on hiatus while Kaprizov is attending a friend's wedding in Moscow. The whole reason these rumors exist is due to the tweet put out by Kevin Weeks yesterday that said talks had "grown cold". The Wild's Athletic beat-writer Michael Russo shutdown Weeks in several tweets of his own plus knocking out a article explaining Kaprizov was only in Moscow because of the wedding.

To be fair, there is a disconnect by both parties right now. But it strictly boils down to a disagreement in length of term, and not more importantly the money in and of itself. The Wild understandably wants to go long term, they've offered both an 8 year and a 7 year contract offer to Kaprizov. Conversely, Kaprizov and his agent, Paul Theofanous, want a short-term contract. Ideally one where they can get a second big pay day contract at age 27-28. Given that the amount isn't the sticking point, just the term, these types of disputes are typically worked out with a contract and term length that likely falls somewhere in the middle.

It's also important to note that while Weeks is typically usually pretty reliable. He was represented by Theofanous during his entire playing career. He isn't exactly what you'd call an impartial party in this. He was likely used by Theofanous to put pressure on the Wild, and basically trying to get Guerin to panic that Kaprizov would bolt back to the KHL instead, and force him to sign a contract that favors what they want. It's a negotiating ploy and tactic, nothing more.
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Sujet: Philly Fly
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Viqsi</b></div><div>The extension question is one that can be addressed by pre-trade negotiations, with permission, and there's no reason to believe Kekalainen <strong>won't</strong> take advantage of that - he's no fool, and is not the type to allow for a situation in which someone gets him for "rental" prices and then Oh Gee Gosh Shucks I Guess We Got To Extend Him After All. That won't fly.

As it is, this proposal is a pair of reclamation projects and a "meh" mid-1st for a core #1D. Which is far, far short.</div></div>

Absolutely, and I agree. To an extent. I'm not saying something couldn't be worked out beforehand. But that's up to Jones, not whomever possibly is acquiring him or Jarmo. From everything I've heard, seen, or read, it sounds like Jones wants to test FA once his contract is up. Could that change depending on how trade negotiations go? Sure, absolutely. But it's not a 100% certainty either.

If a contract extension could be worked out beforehand then his value obviously skyrockets if it does. As it stands now, without an extension, it's not that far off... I did say something needed to be added after all. Just not a second potential top-six center or a top 50 prospect.

I wouldn't bat an eye if Patrick was subbed out for Frost instead. And I don’t view Patrick as a reclamation project, his development was delayed because of things out of his control, that doesn't mean he's a bust or something that needs to be fixed. It just means he's behind the projected development curve, at this time. There is still every chance he can still hit his potential at this point.
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Sujet: Philly Fly
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jacketsman61</b></div><div>It’s not. Philly needs to add to that trade. Patrick at this point is a bust. He can’t be the centerpiece of a trade for Jones. If the Jackets were to use this framework, Cam York and Morgan Frost would need to be added.</div></div>

Don't be absurd. Jones is really good but he isn't going to get that kind of return. Not because he isn't deserving, but because he's only got a single year left on his contract and isn't coming with an extension. There's no guarantee he signs one with Philly to stay longer. He's a rental. The trade might need to add something, but it won't be either Frost or a top 50 prospect like York. Certainly not both. Likely either an additional future 3rd round pick or a c-level prospect.

The centerpiece coming back isn't Patrick, it's the Philadelphia 1st. Which is 13th overall.

Furthermore, I would hardly call Patrick a bust. He's only 22, and just played his first full season in the NHL. I get that people think he should of taken off by now, given the fact he's a former top 5 pick and all. But the simple fact remains that he's honestly behind the developmental curve of where he should be thanks to his set backs due to his medical issues and concerns. He's had a hard path to the NHL and the fact he just played a full season of it, his first, is a massive win for him. Does that lower his value and raise concerns that he could stay on the ice? Absolutely. Does that necessarily mean he's a bust? No, not at all. The talent, skill, and top-six potential and upside is still there. If he still hasn't clicked by age 24-25, then yeah you can call him a bust. Until then, it's too early to say that. He's worth taking the shot on though, to see if he makes it.
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