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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Steve_321</b></div><div>Wild fans have jumped the shark. Stutzle for JEE - have you gone mad?</div></div>

Do you have a hard time with reading comprehension?

I simply pointed out that Stutzle would be the cost or <em><strong>ask</strong></em> from Guerin to get him to ever consider moving Eriksson-Ek.

Tell me where I stated that Ottawa should do it? Oh wait.... I DISTINCTLY said that they SHOULDN'T do it. But I've <em>clearly</em> lost my mind, according to you.

Furthermore, the ask isn't as outrageous as you're making it out to be. Stutzle is younger, and a better points producer, but he's also got his warts. Heavily so. Such as being a rather well known defensive black hole. JEE has none, unless you count the fact he's 27 against him.

Need I remind you that both players have only hit the 30 goal mark once in their careers. And the fact that Stutzle is younger makes no difference in that regard. JEE's underlying numbers have supported this kind of production for a while now and look very sustainable because of that. As he's gotten progressively better of every facet of his game every year until now.

Stutzle hit 39 goals last year only to get 12 in 72 games this year. That kind of regression is... concerning, to say the least. It makes his goal production last year seem more like an outlier than a sustainable ceiling for him.

So while the differential of around 10-15 points a year seem large in Ottawa fans mind. The truth is they're replacing potential promise for assured production while gaining a defensive stalwart, one of the best pure shutdown Center's in the league, at that. But both 1C's. All at an outrageous price point of only $5.25M per. Hello best value contract in the league discussion.

So younger, better points production. But more costly, uneven production, and a defensive liability.

Or older, but more reliable production, on one of the biggest contract steals in the league value to production wise, and a defensive stalwart.

For my money, I would rather have Eriksson-Ek. But that's just me.
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