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7 sep 2018
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Forum: NHL Trades23 jan à 14 h 09
I'm proud of Winnipeg for handling their need to fill their 2nd Line Centre hole. This deal absolutely covers our missing Centre depth, BUT the Jets are still in need of a top line Defender to add yet. PLD has family in the Jets system, his father (Eric Dubois) is a coach for the MB Moose (the Jets farm team: AHL), so I can see Dubois feeling more "at home" with this move in the near future. Coach Maurice will now have more options to run the top 3 Forward lines and how they'll adjust their Powerplay lines in the mix. I see more positive impact for the whole of the Jets team in this trade.

I'm happy for Patrick Laine, he did contribute and do well for the Jets, but never hit the ceiling he was projected for. I have a gut feeling that Laine will struggle more-so in CBJ than he did in WPG. With PL Dubois leaving CBJ, Laine won't have a top Centre to help him sniping from the slot. I can see Max Domi and Laine working well together, but we'll see how Coach Torts handles Laine's lack of NHL maturity. I wish Laine the best in his future with CBJ, good luck Laine.

Jack Roslovic got his dream come true, playing in the NHL in front of his home town. I liked his tenacity as a Forward depth player with the Jets, but I really don't believe he'll measure up to top 6 Forward material. His potential is good, but honestly not good enough for a top 6 Forward YET. Maybe the change of scenery and the location may help Jack flourish to become that player. I personally think he lacks size for his play style, but maybe Coach Torts can help him figure it out best.
Forum: NHL Trades23 jan à 12 h 34
This trade is hard to evaluate because of how obvious these two teams as trade partners seemed, and how hard it would be for either team to win the deal.

I think Dubois gets overrated quite a bit, he's far closer to being around Kadri level then he is an elite #1, which isn't bad, but he seems to get a lot of brownie points for being big and a center. He seems to generate offense pretty well, but not elite, and he's not great defensively. He draws penalties, mostly through being a bit of a sneaky dirty player, and the fact that retaliation gets called far more consistently then initial infractions, and he's a good center, I just don't know that he ever becomes the player some people think he already is.

Laine is a pure weapon, doesn't seem capable of creating a lot of chances himself, but he finishes at a rate that is just bonkers, and can singlehandedly transform a PP. He has a reputation as being bad defensively, which I find funny because he and Dubois are very similar in that regard, but Dubois seems to be thought of as a two-way center while Laine is considered a liability. Reality is they are both just relatively young players who are weaker than average defensively.

Overall, I think Jarmo wins the deal because of the fact that he managed to get a reasonable prospect back in the deal, and got Winnipeg to hold back salary making it so the Jackets can continue to accrue cap space. With how bad Dubois was playing and him almost forcing his way out, I think Jarmo literally did as well as you could hope. That being said, I think given the apparent "perception" about Laine, Chevy managed to get a young center, which is what he wanted, so he probably did as well as he could have given the market conditions, and it helps that he got the position they felt they needed the most help with (aside from D).

I think Columbus wins the deal overall, but it's hard to really fault Winnipeg here.
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