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7 sep 2018
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Forum: NHL SigningsFri at 10:21 pm
As a Hawks fan I was initially a real proponent of making the trade to bring in Seth Jones, however the more I thought about it the more opposed I became. And now I'm of the opinion that this was totally unnecessary - I mean all the Hawks needed (and still do) are a couple of UFA short-term defensive signings to man the blue line until the kids were ready to takeover, however this is a massive knee-jerk reaction to a problem that had it's solution rooted in unrestricted free agency.. And what Bowman had to give up to make this happen is straight up ridiculous. I mean I don't know if I would have traded Boqvist straight up for Seth Jones because there is no doubt Boqvist will eventually be the better of the two, and without a doubt Boqvist will be chasing a Norris within 5 years, right around the time Bowman realizes he made a massive mistake. Also, weather this is true or not -- but Bowman just made a franchise defenseman out of Seth Jones.

If I was in Bowman's shoes and if there was any truth to the rumors that Columbus was asking for Dach or DeBrincat in the deal, I would have walked away at that very moment and not continued to try and negotiate, that would have been the end of it.. But if I had to make an offer it certainly wouldn't have included Boqvist, I mean he should have been just as untouchable as Dach or DeBrincat - however I would have offered something along the lines of Dylan Strome, Nicolas Beaudin and a 2nd round pick, if not then no deal.. And as far as the extension, I think a realistic value would have been 8x8.

As far as the extension --- I'm not going to say there are any GM's in the league that could have done any better - there was zero doubt that Jones be it now or as a UFA would want 9M+ per on a maximum term contract - that was just going to be the reality of the Jones situation, however Bowman could have steered clear of it.. I mean it only cost Bowman Adam Boqvist, the 11th overall pick and a 2022 first round pick -- oh yea, and on top of all of that -- a cap hit of 9.5 million per season for the next 7 years. Sorry but that price tag for Seth Jones just isn't worth it... And of course Columbus takes Cole Sillinger with the pick, smh...

Of course despite my feelings on the deal itself, Seth Jones is still a really good add however I just don't like the price. And like I pointed out -- you can criticize the extension all you like however don't pretend for a second that Jones wasn't getting 9M+ from any GM via extension or as a UFA..
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