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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gmgb</b></div><div>I'm sorry, does this website have a history of acting like NSH's forwards are saviors? News to me.

Kerfoot is a capable 3rd liner who can tread water in the top six when called upon. Like Sissons or Jarnkrok, except Kerfoot can't play center very well. $3.5M is a little high for that. I don't foresee we'd get the Kerfoot who had career high numbers in the regular season, if NSH tried him on the 2nd line with guys like Granlund, Kunin, or Tolvanen. It would probably look more like the Kerfoot we saw in the playoffs. He doesn't have the physicality to supplant either of Jeannot or Trenin on the 3rd line either. You're trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, by putting him in NSH. He has more value to TOR, who already has the high end skill up front, but has typically struggled to find the lower roster depth Kerfoot can provide them.</div></div>

Its less about Nashville and more about the leafs, but looking at the nylander to nsh for Tanner jeannot trades kinda backs me up there.

Anyway my larger overall point is that he is going to return far more than the site expects him too (late 1st or equivalent) and everyone is acting like he won't even get close.
And sissions? Career high of 30 points is equivalent to kerfoot huh? This is exactly what I mean. Kerf is simultaneously massively underrated and overrated.

Which is to say his trade value is way more than the site expects but personally I'm not a fan of him.

Anyway I just like ufko. This trade wasn't even originally in the agm
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Lenny7</b></div><div>If Lundell hadn't been injured this year, he likely would have knocked either Zegras or Bunting out of the top 3 for the Calder. Kid is dynamite. Given their cap issues, the fact that he's got 2 years left at $925 k makes him one of the most valuable players for that team. Not a lot of point going back and forth as to Sandin's value, because it just makes no sense for the Panthers in the first place.

Not that I think Abruzzese is going to be much more than a depth/3rd line ceiling type guy, but I'm curious as to why you'd move him for Walman?</div></div>

I really like Walman. Think there might be a player there (think Bunting esq but on D), and in the event where we need a LHD I think he's a good bet for an absurdly cheap cost. Big upside and low risk if I'm wrong.

As an aside, we should also be looking at Ryan Ufko from the preds in a Kerfoot trade. Really like him too. Edit ima add an Ufko trade to the agm

As I said in desc recency bias is going to affect the eval but as good as Lundell has been Sandin has been matching it from the point. Both look to be excellent now and into the future. From a value perspective it should be close enough that a 1-for makes sense <strong>IF</strong> the teams both feel like they want to move around some young cheap assets to bolster their lineup from places of strength. Florida does have a ton of centre depth and a top 4 of weegar, forsling, ekblad and sandin would be among the best in the entire NHL
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>The_Rocket</b></div><div>Leafs have to dump mrazak and re-sign Campbell and then grind down 2 top RFA’s in liljegren and Sandin and pray they sign for under $2 million. Even then, they will still need to pad the bottom of their line up with ELC’s and AHL fodder as players like Mikheyev, Giordano, lybushkin all walk

Mean while, Vancouver can re-sign all of its RFA’S and UFA’s and still have $5 million in cap space to add a top 6 forward or top 4 d-man after moving Ferland to LTIR.

Canucks have way more flexibility and could take their team in more directions compare for the leafs, who are pretty much doomed to bleed talent every year until the Tavares contract mercifully comes off the books in 2025</div></div>

Ahh. You think flexibility is a good thing rather than the result of being a garbage team. There is the issue.
Leafs don't even need to dump Petr (although it would make things much easier).

If we do absolutely nothing the team is only marginally worse than last year. As I said we have nothing to do and enough space to do what we need to. Vancouver on the other hand needs to deal with BB on top of EP40, Miller, and Bo next year plus massive contracts to garbage players like Myers and Poolman.

Anyway the point returning back to the original bit, is that the leafs do not need to dump guys for pennies on the dollar lmao. We have nothing to do while other teams like Vancover, MTL, EDM, etc are all cap strapped with huge off season lists