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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MatthewsFan</b></div><div>I think my biggest concern is they value Kerfoot so much. Like hearing in the offseason they could have traded him for a 2nd rounder and now today Friedman going on about how much Keefe trusts him. Which is totally true, look on is on the ice to close out games, it’s Kerfoot Kampf Engvall, I wonder just how much cap space we are working with IF we are not moving out any salary. Elliotte went on to say they would only move out Kerfoot if they got someone back who was just as good defensively. I’m not going to kid myself and say I’m some big talent evaluator but there are so many plays in game where Kerfoot looks incredible tentative. I loved the the chip play the other night to help setup Holmberg but then late in the game he had an opportunity to chip the puck out of the zone but instead felt the pressure and sent the puck back in deep. Caused a turnover and NYR got a scoring chance.

Or other times uses his speed to enter the zone then has no idea what to do with it.

Long winded way of saying lol I don’t understand the love they have for Kerfoot. It’s such a waste of 3.5 in space when this team desperately needs another scorer. So depending on what they do with Simmonds, they could comfortably add someone making 2.8 (or get salary retention to make it 2.8) without subtracting from this roster.

But to echo Saskleaf, I have no idea who they are adding or what position. But if we look back on what Kyle has added to this roster via trade, offensive players is not it. I guess Tyson Barrie but no forwards. And that scares me.</div></div>

I mean our number one issue throughout the dubas tenure has been the D. Whether systemically, forward contributions, or the blue line. It makes sense that most of his moves would be addressing that
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