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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>draft_em_sign_em_trade_em</b></div><div>
1)Mats Sundin was a 200 feet player, Matthews is a cherry picker in the offensive zone.

2)Old school GM's would have convinced Matthews agent to take equal or slightly less than J.T. , evil (dumb) stat guys (ahem) get fooled and end up looking foolish and ruining the NHL by pushing the salaries higher for every player.

3)Pasta hit the 70 point mark in his contract year, Nylander hit 61. Larkin hit 63 in his contract year. Ehlors hit 60 in his contract year. All players (along with Draisaitl) were from the same Draft year, so how did Nylander "earn" his half a million overpayment ? Dubas cave with the holdout.

4)Marner contract is hard to compare with anyone since he compares more with centers than wingers, look around in the NHL and hardly find any Elite play making passing wingers.</div></div>

1) Ahh. You don't watch the games. Got it. Mats has had very good defensive impacts. There is a reason why that Selke quote from Shanny exists.
2) Proof please. Old school GM Lou paid Marleau and Zaitsev.
3) don't care about points but even then that isn't a huge difference. Remember that neither of Pasta or Larkin held out for 5 months.
Also, how do you not understand that a hold out is a leverage gaining tactic. The whole point is that it adds leverage to the player. It isn't caving in to give them 250k (imo) - 700k (iyo) more. That is called negotiation. This isn't difficult to understand.
4) What?!?! Gaudreau, Reinhart, Rantenen, Aho (when he was a winger), Huberdeau, etc.
We are done here. A statement like that is beyond absurd and proves this isn't a productive talk.
Forum: Armchair-GMWed at 1:22 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Leafs_and_Sens_Fan</b></div><div><strong>113 point/82 games = 1.378 PPG for Malkin
73 points/68 games = 1.074 PPG for Matthews
64 points/67 games = 0.955 PPG for Eichel</strong>
1.074/1.378 = 0.78
He had 3/4 the number of points to game not even taking into account he missed a bunch of games.
78% of 12.5M is 9.75M. Remember you're the one who brought up Malkin as a comparable...
1.074/0.955 = 1.13 (rounded up)
11.3M on an 8 year deal?
Plus he was playing with Nylander who is an elite player. Who was Eichel playing with?</div></div>

Reinhart, but also remember the whole IDGAF about points in player evaluation thing? Cause I don't. I know some people do so I included it. (I also don't know where you are getting that 8 year from as Geno signed for 5 but I digress).

Here is Geno throughout his BEST years (not his contract years, but his peak play when he was unstoppable. I am stacking this is Malkin's favour here to make my point):
<img class="for_img" src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ECNKJNoXkAYdyOp?format=png&amp;name=small" alt="ECNKJNoXkAYdyOp?format=png&amp;name=small"><img class="for_img" src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ECNKJNlWsAM6OOC?format=png&amp;name=small" alt="ECNKJNlWsAM6OOC?format=png&amp;name=small"><img class="for_img" src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ECNKJNpWkAAAWaE?format=png&amp;name=small" alt="ECNKJNpWkAAAWaE?format=png&amp;name=small">

And here is Mats once more in his contract years:
<img class="for_img" src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D5MvGlmUUAAKzkw?format=png&amp;name=900x900" alt="D5MvGlmUUAAKzkw?format=png&amp;name=900x900">

Geno had some good really years, but these were after he signed his contract and Mats is still comparable
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>draft_em_sign_em_trade_em</b></div><div>Matthews = strong believer in the fact Matthews should have honored J.T. and sign for equal money as the best co-leaders.
Kerfoot = I understand and agree with your point.
Nylander = never should have asked for Draisaitl type money and should have been came in a little under Pasta.
Johnsson and Kappy = last summer ACGM quotes at the high 2 millions sounded good to me.
Ceci = he was only owed the Q.O. but someone got that 200k.
Marner = he should have landed between Draisaitl and Kucherov contracts. Marner hasn't sucked, his ppg is still equal to his previous years, just watching him on ice, he is clearly trying too much. I'd like to see him back with J.T. , Marner is trying too hard to find Matthews cherry picking.</div></div>

Okay, but most of these things you mention are simply opinions. They aren't based on anything other than your feelings.

Pasta is on a steal of a contract and Nylander is a better possession winger than Pasta is while also being more versatile in that WN can play 2C. Once more, Nylander had the LONGEST holdout in cap history and only managed to extract 700k from it. Perfectly fine.
Those AGM's (or at least mine) had Kappy and Mango signing for less term, or were done earlier in the season. The ones done over the summer were more or less bang on what they got.
Matthews: Okay? That is your opinion but it has no basis in anything concrete. If Mats had taken the Malkin contract he'd have gotten 5@12.5aav. I am perfectly happy to say Mats hadn't done as much as Geno had at that point, but he was showing he was a better goalscorer (costs more) and was our massive young superstar. For a million less I'd say that is pretty good.
I do not see where you are getting your idea on where Mitch should have landed as once more you opinion isn't based on anything.

ALSO: I just noticed you said something about Mats cherry picking. You don't watch the games do you? Mats has been geenuinely good on the defensive side and has had very strong defensive impact this year
Forum: Armchair-GMWed at 12:13 am
I honestly don't understand how people can think this crap. Lets break each player down:

<strong>Matthews</strong>: You are arguing over 634k on a superstar. I'm not worried about that in the slightest.
<strong>Kerfoot</strong>: A negotiation is all about leverage, and everyone who knows anything understands that a team is weakest from a leverage pov when they have just traded to acquire a player. You've already spent the assets to get them so they can use that to inflate their salary. Kerfoot was always going to come in a touch above Kappy and Mango and he was worth it before and has been fine since the signing.
<strong>Nylander:</strong> Had the longest holdout in NHL cap history, a tactic designed to extract more money from the team. In total, after this record holdout he got 700k more, which he has more than lived up to. Once more, not an overpay.
<strong>Johnsson and Kappy</strong>: How many 50 point young twenties something players sign in the two's? Not many. Neither of these guys get the respect they deserve on this site because people look at where they are in the lineup and their point totals and think they are just meh third liners, forgetting that the Leafs have the deepest 1-12 in the league. Kappy is an explosive breakout just waiting to happen and Johnsson is our (not quite as good) Victor Arvidsson. If you don't think those contracts are good then you don't know the first thing about hockey.
<strong>Ceci</strong>: It is 200k. Are we really yelling about 200k on a 1 year contract?
<strong>Marner</strong>: Finally! An actual overpay example. He should have gotten the Rantanen contract (6@9.3), although if you'd been listening to posters on CF Mitch was as good as Mats and desreved this contract RIGHT up until he actually signed it - then he sucked all of a sudden.:rolleyes
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