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29 mai 2021
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Sujet: Go Lou
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Mike</b></div><div>Dream on.. Stevie did well here... He's cleaned cap of 22-23 with panik only 1.375m .. &amp; I'll bet we'll flip leddy at deadline with his likely top 4 role &amp; pp time he'll look better to playoff teams &amp; at cheaper cap hit shall we retain then .. If u think Lou swindled Stevie ..then yr drunk... Both teams won this one bro..its big picture view unless you're blind</div></div>

Yeah, I'm sure the 1.375 million was absolutely going to break the bank for the Red Wings next season!! LOL

You sure are in the minority. I saw many other Detroit fans on here totally scoff at the idea of paying anything for Leddy over the last month. Biggest comment was "We're not paying for cap dumps!" Even sending a fourth for him was unacceptable!! Another favorite (for a lot of players with high cap hits and a year remaining) was: "The Rangers sent us a 2nd Rounder to take Staal, so that's the going rate!" Sure, you also removed 1/2 of Panik's salary. Good on ya!

But I will give credit where it's due. If any GM can find a way to flip a player for a better return than what it cost to acquire him, it very well would be Yzerman. But I tell you, Leddy better have one helluva season to get back a 2nd rounder or better, assuming that trading him will be the end game here. (?) Of course, time will tell. Big picture view is great. But in the now, victory goes to Lou. Convince yourself of the alternate all you want, bro. The Isles were desperate to move a player for both expansion reasons AND cap reasons, and the Wings gave up some of their prized draft capital to help them.