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Sujet: Miller
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>QualityTrades1</b></div><div>Obviously I want to yell at you for putting Miller in 3C but you told me I can't so I won't.

I like the trade. Top prospect, 1st round pick (though I believe it should be unprotected but whatever), another quality prospect and a couple position / cap exchanges.

My only concern is Sandin signing for only 1.25M. Don't you think it would have already been a done-deal if he was willing to sign for that much?

Either way the Leafs are fine since you can slot Muzzin on the left with Schenn on the right and sign / bring up a depth guy.

quick side note:
Bunting - Matthews - Marner
Miller - Tavares - Nylander
Engvall - Kampf - Jarnkrok
Robertson - Gaudette - Aube-Kubel


Thanks for being the first person to ever read one of my descriptions. You the real MVP &lt;3

I think 2 years 1.4m is fair for Sandin. Same as Lily. He wants more cap. So I can see a 3 year x 2m happening. But in this AGM I did a one year contract (which would be lower cap than 2 year, since you project a young player like that to get better every year). So I fell on 1.25m for 1 year. basically the team and the player can't agree on anything and they settle for a 1 year, show me type of contract. I tend to be off on a lot of my RFA signings though. I find them hard to predict.

As for your lines - I can definitely see those being the case. The only change is that I would be SHOCKED if Gaudette beats out all the other candidates for that 4th line centre spot. Steeves, McMann, Malgin will all be in the mix. I also think Joey Anderson will have a legit shot at making the team this year as well (although he is a winger). Time will tell though.

I could also see the Leafs signing a guy like Stepan for that 4th line centre role.

We will see!
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