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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Tintin</b></div><div>I don't mind the guys you signed and agree with your overall approach, however:
- As much as I love Bratt he shouldn't be getting more than Hischier. It's not like 8 x 7.5m would be a bad contract for him, but I don't see him signing a long term contract outside of the 6.3 - 7m range.
- Boqvist should get about 1m less, think Siegenthaler's last deal is a good comp for him (and Zetterlund).
- If Wood signs for one year slightly below his QO that'd be great, but realistically I'd expect both him and the front office to be happy with him being around for one more year at 3.5m.
- That's a bad Husso contract, his resume is too short to warrant any such AAV. A 4 x 4 might be fine just to make sure the Blues cannot match but 5m is just reckless. That last year could really hurt when Hughes, Holtz, Mercer and Slafkooley are through their ELCs.
- E-Rod isn't a great contract either, I'd rather offer (+ a little more AAV) that to Palat, Copp or Nichushkin. Or go cheaper with Marchment whom had similar impacts and better production.
- Rather have any of Cooley, Nemec or Jiricek at #2 ahead of Slaf, but if you think Juraj is BPA at #2 I can respect that opinion.

It's a good team overall.
Barring simultaneous goaltending injuries, they should make the playoffs via WC I'd think.
Shows how much the Devils could achieve with having some faith in further developing the core while addressing needs in key areas.
Thumbs up.</div></div>

I'm a huge fan of jiricek but at this point all signs point to slaf (who I still don't mind, just riskier IMO). I overpaid a few free agents just because I feel like Fitz used the "we are on the verge of a playoff run" card last year with dougie, tatar, and bernier and it may not work again this year after how bad the team played.
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