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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NHLfan10506</b></div><div>My non-Lightning fan view from the outside….

I am guessing if Stamkos moves, it’s more of a financial decision, that doesn’t really change the rest of the plan. Stamkos out, another guy in. Team approach remains. Still full speed toward win now.

But if Hedman moves, that would appear to be more of a strategic change…retool…whatever one wants to call it. And would appear to be a move that aims to look at maybe extending window a couple more years.

Does that sound right?

So what would a TBL roster, without Stamkos and Hedman, need the most?</div></div>

That pretty much explains it perfectly. although Stamkos is a PP merchant at best now and anything more than 5m is overpay for him at this stage in his career but replacing his PP production will be hard as we dont have another righty to take is spot yet. Hedman is still a top 2 dman on any team and while he is slowing down, hes still puts up points so moving him would strictly be to retool and get younger.

If Stamkos and Hedman were both to be gone by Preseason next year. i would say the biggest need is just a top 6 forward, a middle pairing dman, and usuful depth.

Hagel Point Kucherov can run the first line
Paul Cirelli ??? on the second line and then just find some depth guys (likely Syracuse call ups) that can fill the small holes in the bottom 6

Sergachev likely takes Hedman's spot but after him our left side is majorly weak. the right side is "covered" but can be improved massively with Cernak being injury prone, and Perbix/Raddysh being 4/5 guys at best
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