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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Boltsbeathabs</b></div><div>The chemistry from the past NOSTALGIA he has 54 goals and 59 assists 103 points in 290 games a 32 point per 82 game pace since he left NOTHING ABOUT THAT SAYS TOP 6!!!!!!!! He didn't have chemistry with them he was carried by them !!!!!???. 290 games isn't a small sample size it is what you are. I've seen people crucify players on here with a MUCH MUCH smaller sample size. By comparison when TJ got taken off Kucherov line starting 15/16the next 296 games similar enough sample size TJ had 83 goals 107 assists for 190 points or a 53
3 point per 82 game pace and still couldn't get back in the top line .</div></div>

lol, again. look at the teams and linemates he played with. regardless of if he was carried by Kuch and Stamkos, they had chemistry together and everyone knows that. we all know that Coop will do it and thats that. not once have i said he should be in the top 6 but thats where he most likely will end up because of Coop. i honestly think hes overpaid even for 1 year when we could have gotten someone much better and for probably just as cheap. once Cirelli comes back he will probably be stapled to the 3rd line and be **** in the playoffs like before. hes a soft forward that adds some speed to the lineup. TJ in the 16-17: 28.8% TOI played with Kuch and Palat, 17-18: 21% TOI was spent with Palat and Point, 18-19 was 50% with Kuch and Point, 19-20 was 17.5% with Cirelli and Palat, 20-21 was 31.6% with Killorn and Cirelli. all of it being 1st or 2nd line... id much rather have TJ's linemates compared to Vladdys. just look at TJ's 29 goal season... Kuch had 128 points, Stamkos had 98, Point had 92. that Tampa team was stacked. and TJ spent 50% of his ice time with 2 40 goal scorers and playing on the PP1 unit with Kuch, Miller, Stamkos, and Point.... compared to Namestnikov's time spent with either Ryan Strome and Jesper Fast, or Brett Howden and Jimmy Vesey and that Rangers team where Zib led the team with 74 points and Kreider was next highest at 52. Vladdy finished 8th on that team in points while being 7th in TOI among forwards for that team. TJ finished 6th on Tampa in points that year while being 4th among forwards in TOI for Tampa
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