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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>leafs101</b></div><div>yes Hyman can make an impact on his own, he proved that when he was moved to the 3rd line and still produced. Bunting is another great player and isn't really an argument for or against Hyman. Man if depth doesn't matter and its all about stars can you explain to me why the team with McDavid &amp; Draisaitl can't win? What about the Panthers? How come they haven't won a playoff series with Barkov, Huberdeau and Ekblad (because prior to the last year or two they basically had nobody else)? I can go on and on. It's a team sport, moreso than most mainstream sports. You need your stars to be the drivers and be up and away your best players, but that alone doesn't win you a cup. And i agree that spending big on depth guys isn't a great idea but sometimes you have to when it's not already in your organization - as you said, Biega as your 8th D would be horrible for the playoffs. And Holl has plain and simple not been good enough. He hasn't. Hakanpaa also has 3 years of term which is a key piece you're missing. It starts from the top of your lineup but you can't have guys like Holl playing higher up in the lineup than they should if you expect to win.</div></div>

As I mentioned, Depth matters, but without the stars to drive the ship, you aren't going far. I think shuffling deck chairs won't win us anything. We need a clear upgrade over Holl. Unless we get that, preferably someone who can basically make Muzzin the #4, we aren't really moving the needle.
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