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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JuanDamienNebraska</b></div><div>You typed all of that about something that you know has a 0% chance of happening?

A.) Let’s show some class and level headed patience to Dubas who has been employed for one season, and was tasked with the hell that was cleaning up Hextall’s complete mess. He’s done fine when taking into account said Hextall mess, and the new ownerships’ desire to remain competitive with Crosby, Malkin, and Letang.

B.) If im not mistaken, Torts is still under term at $4 million per year, and has certainly not coached his way to a Philly firing. They would not let him go. Also, I find it amusing that your sighting Torts’ willingness to play young players by referencing his willingness to give minutes to perennial top picks Dubois, and Werenski. Very bold of him to play those high picks. Injury riddled Poulin is surely on par with those two!

C.) This week Carle stated that he has every desire to remain Denver’s head coach, sighting that he and his young family love it there and that he does not want to uproot them for an NHL job, where the turnover rate is very high.

This isn’t NHL 24 GM mode. We hired Dubas and thrusted a daunting task upon him, as well as a desired path by ownership to attempt to remain competitive while also restocking young assets. Not easy to do. Here’s a rational idea, at least give him 1 summer without the Hextall shackles before we come out and say that we’d rather hire Torts, with no experience in that role, as GM!</div></div>