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1 sept. 2021
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Sujet: Brannstrom
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>Mete can RD on the 3rd pair too, giving a bit more time for JBD to be 100% ready. But if Thomson is 100% ready, next year could look like this :

Chabot - Thomson
Sanderson - Zub
?????? - Mete/JBD

I would like making that deal, it's a pretty decent proposal but I'm kinda worried that Petry is also falling off a cliff. Guy is going on 34 y/o. 3 more years at 6.25 after this season could be hard.

However since Zaitsev is going the other way, it makes it very manageable.

Dorion's call! (even if it'd be preferrable if someone else was making that call lol)</div></div>

I'm liking those pairings for next season. Hopefully Lassi can sustain the play over the course of the season, he's looked good so far in the few games he's played.

I have the same concerns with Petry. It would be nice to rid ourselves of Zaitsev's contract but not at the expense of another boat anchor. In addition, Petry has 3 years left, 7M of signing bonuses left to pay and 20M in total salary. Zaitsev has 2 years left, 4M in SB and 9M in salary. Zaitsev is the worse player but I would like to think there will be a way of getting rid of him without taking on an equally bad contract.

As for dealing Brannstrom, my confidence in him and his ability to become a quality NHLer is fading. We were sold a bill of goods when he came over from Vegas that I don't think he will ever live up to. We are in the situation where we either roll with him, keep him and hope he reaches his potential with us or deal him now because if he doesn't pan out after this year, I see his value going the way of Logan Brown.
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