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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bringer_Of_Snow</b></div><div>What’s bold about what I said?

- Smith was great for the Oilers last year. Koskinen was a serviceable backup. All Oilers fans were very disappointed when we went back to that duo after failing to upgrade. We knew Koskinen was not consistent enough to be a starter and Smith was 38, already playing in borrowed time. Thus, we didn’t have confidence in this duo and after a hot start, the unreliability is showing.

- Skinner is promising, but he’s played like 5 games. He is best served as a backup role.

- mrazek:
- often injured
- signed for 2 more years
- “likely to play well” doesn’t mean a thing haha
- also saying that Mrazek is going to play well behind a good defensive team is just another reason why the Oilers should stay clear. We are far from a strong defensive team.

Again I ask, what was so bold? An often injured 1B/backup and a rookie is not a duo that instills confidence. Just like a Smith/Koskinen duo. WE WANT AN UPGRADE. Mrazek is just more of the same

And as everyone else already mentioned, you’re out of your mind if you think that package of players Toronto wants to get rid of is getting you a 1st and 2nd.

Kerfoot for a 3rd+prospect or just a 2nd? Oilers should/would have interest. The rest of that mediocre package does nothing for the Oilers</div></div>

I don't mean to be argumentative or as knowledgeable as you about the Oiler's situation- I just want that to be clear. I just like talking about hockey.

My reasoning for Mrazek was that he would be the most cost-effective starter available in the off-season. The fact that he has multiple years remaining on his deal was part of the reason why he was worth a 2nd - the extra two years is a valuable asset (especially considering starting goalie prices).

Out of the UFA's available (or, not having to give up any valuable assets for an RFA), there are none that are under 30, have over 200 games played, and above .900 save %. I'm sure the Oilers could roll the dice with Forsberg, Korpisalo, Wedgewood, or DeSmith, but Mrazek is better than those listed. I'm sure I don't know every player available, but those seem like some of the more likely candidates I could think of.

The 'players Toronto wants to get rid of' seems to imply there's a reduction in value or that Toronto has to pay to adjust cap strategies, but the players listed (apart from Dermott, who's solidly OK), are... good players. There's a difference between a cap dump and a good player traded for cap reasons lol.

With Smith and an non-waived NMC Keith as an extra man, the Oilers have 11.1 million (or 13.3 without Smith) to re-sign Puljujarvi, Yamamoto, McLeod, Benson, a 3C, some depth (optionalish), a second pairing LD, a starter and maybe a backup. Perhaps a Keith buyout, a Kassian trade, and a Smith trade could help, but a re-tool focused on dealing futures seems inevitable regardless of which team (no matter how hated) they trade with.
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