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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>The draft is at the next of next season.
Here is the most likely scenario. Poulin and Legare stay in the CHL next year. Then they spend at least 1/2 if not the full year the year after in the AHL.
The odds they come right in and play are low. Even though I don't mind giving them that chance. Because hell they have nothing to lose doing it. But odds it happens are low.
Knowing this GM they have higher odds of being traded.
So the whole we need to make space thing. I'm not sure where you get this argument. I mean really. This is a team putting Sheary on the 1st line FFS and has been playing Simon who has no shot at all.
It's not like there isn't space on this roster that they need to "create space" You seem to be missing that. This other idea that they have 3 prospects. No really, they don't. Maybe 1 guy to come in next year. Maybe. Hallander is still an undersized player who needs to gain weight. He's 180lbs at 6'1. So don't expect to much when he gets here. He's probably not making an immediate start.</div></div>

You keep saying that I’m claiming 3 will be ready next year. I’m not. I’m saying 3 SHOULD be ready by the 2021-2022 season. If not 4 including POJ, however I believe POJ has a higher chance of being traded than the 3 forwards I mentioned.
GMJR has mentioned that he expects Poulin to make a run at making the nhl next year. He refused to trade Poulin or Legare in the Zucker trade because he knows they should be ready soon. Putting Poulin especially back in the Q next year is only going to hinder his growth. He is proving this year he is way too good for it. There is nothing more he can learn there. I can easily see him getting a shot at the start of next season. Legare probably the year after.
Simon and Sheary are only on the top line cause we have only had 2/3 of a top line this year. Next year Jake comes back so the top 6 will pretty much be set. Sid, Geno, Zucker, Jake, Rust, McCann/Poulin/Free Agent signing/ whoever.

Also the offseason of the expansion draft, Hornqvist NTC becomes only an 8 team no trade list. So if the pens are smart and utilize him in a bottom 6 role and on the PP to get his minutes he should have another decent year making him easier to trade. Not to mention free agency this offseason. You are making way too big a deal of this lol
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