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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SmugTkachuk</b></div><div>Similar buyout (Zuccarello Cost: $11.3 Save: $5.6, Hornqvist Cost: $10.6, Save: $5.3) Zuccarello produces more, stays healthier, probably a better fit in PIT. If anything it's a lateral move not a cap dump and if you consider a cap dump why wouldn't the Penguins have to improve their offer to dumb Hornqvist's contract?</div></div>

Idk where you got that they are similar buyout costs. Hornqvist is a consistent 1.7 million cap hit over the next 6 years. Zuccarello this year would be 5.4 million hit, and then it rotates between a 4.4 million hit and a 2.6 million hit according to the site. And that’s over 8 years as opposed to 6. Secondly, the pens don’t do buyouts. Otherwise Johnson would have been. Or Hornqvist would have been. Third, they’ve both had similar production over the past two years. And both were injured two years ago which really hindered their production and haven’t gotten back to their 45-55 point production since. And have been around that 35 point production. The only difference is that Hornqvist only had 5 less points in like 15 less games I believe. The pens have 4926364827483726 left handed shots and need right handed shots more making Zucc less valuable to us. Pens need to get out of some of these old bad contracts (Hornqvist, JJ) in 3 years when guys like Zucker are due for another contract, Marino will be on his next contract, McCann and rust will be on new contracts, if Geno and Letang don’t retire could possibly be on new contracts. Adding another year and 700k to a bad contract would be pretty brutal for the cap strapped pens.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Capitalfail67</b></div><div>lmfao what? Simon signs for 800k, Jarry gets 2.5m, Lafferty (750k) penguins trade JJ. Tanev is more than likely not signing OR is contract will be structured that he'll make a ton of money towards the end of the deal.( Pretty obvious) they already have Ruhwedel signed so the "need" for a 3RHD is minimal. i dont want to waste anymore time trying to explain numbers to you bc it seems pointless... you arent understanding. Penguins likely use Murray to dump JJ free up that cap space to sign Tanev to a heavy backend deal. basically used the cap free cap on the "jugs" trde for Mccann. id say t he are going to stay around 72-75 million if i had to guess</div></div>

Ok you must have a crystal ball 😂. If those players were to sign that cheap, they’d have already signed them lol. Simon likely gets around 1-1.5 million. Jarry will likely get around 3. Lafferty gets around 1 million. I highly doubt he is offered a QO and says how about I sign a deal for less, boss. And with what assets do we trade JJ with? Can’t be murray. If the pens, one of the most profitable organizations over the past decade, have a 70-72 million internal cap, then surely just about everybody else does. And I doubt Tanev takes much of a back loaded contract. He might shed a million or 2 off the first year or 2 and put it on the back end. But I can’t see him doing much more than that. And he is going to want 5+ million. The only reason people think he’ll only sign for 5 million per year here is because his brother plays here.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Mr_Gardoki</b></div><div>These are common arguments in evaluating players, but they're not a catch-all. Does a player with better players give you the chance to increase production? Of course, but does that mean every and any player can? Absolutely not.

Watching the Penguins through the Sid/Geno era has seen a revolving door of wingers for those guys. If this type of argument were true, then there shouldn't have been a revolving door. You can't say because Player X did this there that Player Y will do this here. Strome put up McCann-like numbers playing on TERRIBLE Islander teams and mediocre Oiler team. McCann is putting up old Strome numbers on good Penguins teams. Mind you, I like McCann and think he's perfectly capable. Strome's ability on the 3rd line of a good Penguins team has more potential for higher output amongst him and his linemates. The underlying stats also don't lie.

Again, I'm not saying you guys are necessarily wrong, but the basis for you argument is just not strong.</div></div>

No McCann is 3 years younger and is a consistent 35 point player playing 3rd line minutes with mediocre players. Strome when playing with mediocre players and 3rd line minutes is a consistent 35 point player. The difference is that Strome is about to get paid double what McCann makes because he got moved up to 2nd line minutes playing pretty much all of the season with an elite player like Panarin. He isn’t going to play with Crosby or Malkin. And he isn’t going to play with any top 6 players. He will likely play with Hornqvist and Simon/Poulin at best. The difference between Crosby and Malkin is that those guys actually made the other players better. Strome simply got a bunch of assists last year playing with an elite goal scorer. For a cap strapped team, I’ll take the cheaper player when the choice is between two similar players.