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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>edeangel84</b></div><div>Flower was a generational goalie. It’s not even close. Jarry is the same as Campbell, Darcy Keumper (ya he won a cup on a loaded team), Husso, Binnington (awful contract), Andersen, Korpisalo (another awful contract), Grubauer (awful contract), Samsonov, and Georgiev.

There are elites and everyone else. The elites are:


This is the almost elite list:

Gustavsson (too soon yet but he’s close)
Ullmark (one great year doesn’t quite get you there)
Swayman (young still but could get there
Skinner (showed me more in one year than just about any of the goalies in Jarry’s camp)
Markstrom (he was once an elite but fell off)</div></div>

And Jarry goes right at the top of the almost elite list after Ullmark. Therefore putting him in the 8-10 range of goalies - like I said. And he is the 12th highest paid goalie - therefore not making the contract awful.

We all wanted the AAV to be lower - and think it's a bit high. But a possible slight overpayment doesn't make a contract awful. You're not being rational here man. I think it's easier to rank in tiers than an actual numbered order - that's why I put him in the 8-10 range. He's on the next tier outside the elites. Nothing wrong with that - and he's paid as such. He has a .915 save % over the last 4 seasons, stop trying to act like he isn't good. 2 top 7 Vezina finishes - would have been 3 if he didn't get hurt this past season
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