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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NHLfan10506</b></div><div>First, I understand why Minnesota pays us to take Rask, but why does Arizona give up a late pick for him? Couldn’t MIN just deal directly with ARI?

Second, for Debrusk, why are giving up positive value for him? I don’t think he is a negative player, but the return, in my view, should be a late pick or just a player.

I love Fiala and have tried him many times here before. The response I get from MIN fans has varied. Hard to read what they want, but I think this trade would be in ballpark value-wise.

Severson deal - it would have to be Niemela, 1st+ or similar value. Have seen so many leafs fans saying it should be Holl, a B-prospect and mid-pick. They are all getting it from a Hockey Writers article that said that should be the price. So weird. I hope we keep Sevs and extend him long term.

I really hope we are not going through another cycle as sellers. It’s gonna start hurting the development of our existing young core.</div></div>

On Arizona, it's supposed to be a proxy for any team interested in Rask. Just forgot to write it.
Edit: had another think and realized I was under the assumption that Rask is retained by NJD, which isn't possible due to PK and Sevs. so yeah, you're right. my bad

DeBrusk - I just have a hard time seeing Sweeney trading him for smthn like a 6th. May just be that he isn't qualified at all and thus made a UFA. Would love for Fitz to pursue him in that case.

On being sellers:
PK - I don't see the problem in selling him, UFA no 4 / 5 defender. The 2nd he's gonna fetch is worth more than the WAR or GAR (or insert other metric) that he'd provide between February - April.

Cap Space - I just think all available cap space Devils can spare between now and end of 22-23 should be put to use, provided that owners can stomach the cash outlay.

Severson - Part is cus its just kinda trendy atm as you've noticed. And while I think its unlikely Sevs goes this season, he along with Graves are the most valuable assets to sell which aren't under team control longer than 22-23. The return in futures for him could extend the post 2023 contention window by many years, which is why i find the idea of trading him rather palpable. Even though that'd make the 22-23 rather difficult on defence.
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