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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>netminder71</b></div><div>First off "if" the Caps can shed Carlson's contract it prob would require retention and they would NOT want older players back. So three players for three players doesnt make a whole lot of sense for the Caps even if term lengths are different.

Dealing Carlson would be smart as I think he's on the decline....and DC could rebuild the right side of the D with Iorio, Bear, Alexeyev, TvR among others. And they could even move Jensen or TvR as well.

Carlson should yield a 1st rounder based on his historical production and PP ability. Maybe a good 2nd and a very high prospect if you cannot get a 1st based on contract term/cost.
Edmundson is worth a 4th or 5th rounder at best, he is a 7th depth guy on most teams.
Dowd would cost a 2nd rounder and a middle prospect. He is WAY too valuable for the return above.

Keep Kampf as he could slot into bottom 6 role like what Eller provided before he left. He's got 4 years of term but at a good salary. Caps prob say no to Brodie even at an expiring deal, there are too many defensemen to develop and that's some prime ice time. Niemala can get moved out of this deal too, he's got 0 NHL games and again there are 3-4 decent D that can develop on lower pairings and AHL.

If I were GMBM I would trade you Carlson, Edmundson, and Lapierre (not Dowd) for a 1st Rounder, 3rd Rounder, and Kampf, plus a conditional middle round pick based on # of games Lapierre gets at NHL level in 2024-2025. Or if he signs beyond RFA contract w/ TOR.</div></div>

Okay fair enough.

But I would think your counter offer is lesser value then?

I had Brodie here with the idea caps would flip him for a pick at deadline.