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2 oct 2019
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Forum: Minnesota WildFri at 6:05 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>wabit</b></div><div>Buyouts:
The Suter buyout was dumb. It costs as much or more to replace him in the lineup.
The Parise buyout (understandable at least) should have been held off one more year. He's not worse than any of the guys GMBG brought in, they have the cap, and it would have saved a year of dead cap on the backend. It also takes away any chance to move his cap if he LTIRs.

Boldy is the only prospect that looked ready to be in the NHL. He needs to gain the NHL confidence not more skills time in the AHL.
Rossi needs a lot of work. If what we saw in the camps is his game he's a winger not a center.
Beckman is really raw. He can shoot and that is about it. AHL time is what he needs.
Addison looked good in a man advantage and bad at 5v5. Sheltered PP specialist is what he is currently.
Dunhaime is getting a look now, but I don't think he'll stick. He looked in over his head whenever he was playing with/against other NHL players.
Lizotte is the the d-man prospect that impressed me the most. He's my first callup out of camp.

Kulikov is the only offseason signing I've been impressed with so far. To be fair I haven't seen enough of Goligoski to really have an opinion yet. The guys brought in to be the 6D have been terrible.
I'm not sure how it's possible but Fiala somehow has worse linemates than he did last season.
I see Foligno regressing from last year. Greenway adds some goals but loses a bunch of assists.
The PP is going to be a work in progress all season.
If JEE sticks with Kaprizov he'll have a 60p season. Lots of dirty goals, and 2nd assists.
Spurgeon has the most to prove of anyone on the team. He lost his longtime security blanket and needs to show he can be a top-pair d-man without an elite babysitter as his partner.

Unless Kaprizov drags the Wild kicking and screaming into the Playoffs, I have MN as a seller by the TDL with the current roster.</div></div>

I don't agree with everything you are saying but a lot of it.

If you are talking about Rossi before his last two preseason games I agree with your assessment, but in the last two games he found his game and looked fairly good.

Kulikov I agree with you there. Merrill and Benn have not impressed. Goligoski I think is what most people think he is, better offensively then Suter but worse defensively. It will be interesting to see how he and Spurgeon mesh.
Forum: Minnesota WildFri at 1:09 am
I've been kinda a ghost on here lately. I am just interested in the rest of your thoughts on what we have seen this off-season and where things are going IYO.

For starters, obviously the Wild have cap problems, yet Guerin went after Eichel fairly hard. How was that cap number going to work?
My thoughts are that Bill was hoping Sabres would take Dumba and Fiala, but knowing the Sabres have always been asking for young roster guys and top notch prospects, so I suspect he had something else in mind.

The buyouts, was that completely moronic? IMO Sutes should have stayed. Just tell him to shut his mouth and cooperate with the changes. Goligoski is fine but really seems like a waste of money.

The prospects?
I think Billys preference is to push them back 1 more year as that's when cap crunch really starts. I do believe if one really beats the door down then Billy will elevate them. Likely Beckman.
My opinion on top prospects
1. Rossi- extremely talented really being held down for cap reasons. The AHL will allow him better opportunities to develop, but he would already be the 2nd best center on the Wild.
2. Boldy- seemed a bit tentative. I think he meshes well with Rossi, but that's kind Boldy's M.O. he changes his game to fit his linemates. Either way I think he gets his footings in the AHL then Wild promote him once he had given them no choice.
3. Beckman- Kid can shoot but he really needs to get stronger on the puck. Sending him to the AHL was probably a good move for him.

4. Addison- will be first guy up of affected by injury.

5. Many other good prospects, but still at least a year off.
The guys I'm watching:
1. Carson Lambos
2. Jesper Wallstedt
3. Khusnutdinov
4. O'rourke
5. Firstov
6. So many more.
Forum: Anaheim DucksFri at 12:37 am