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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChevelsDayOff</b></div><div>new jersey is in an intriguing spot now with their rebuild. does this move actually help them long term? especially losing holtz plus severson for this season. not sure how high people are on foote anymore. id think for this year itd be a bit unnecessary as NJD has a lot of serviceable LW and of course you have to pay hintz next season, although a lot of money is also being freed up</div></div>

All fair Questions ...
Severson is in walk year, he is likely replaced next year by Nemec or if he's not ready, another year of Walsh (Luke Hughes also arrives next season to replace Graves)

Cap could get sticky, with Bratt and Hintz (in this scenario) needing contracts but Tatar, Bernier, Johnsson, Wood, Haula come off at season end ... Most of core signed up decent term, except Sharangovich and of course, they still need a strong netminder. If Mercer is not in this trade, then things get real tight, but quite frankly, that's a high quality problem (when you have too many good players to sign)

Losing Holtz would just be a cost of doing business. You have to give to get &amp; Hintz is a better fit for what NJ needs right now imo. He bring needed size on the wing (understand he's 1C in Dallas) and proven NHL level scoring. Holtz still has to show us he can do it. Hintz next to Hughes could score 50 imo perennially. Hughes would love him &amp; I suspect it would be mutual. For me, it would be worth it for NJ.

Foote NJ fans still have hope for ... I'm skeptical. I just think he will prove to be too slow to play the Style NJ is going for. Just my opinion... I'm sure others will disagree

Honestly to get a player with Hintz's skill set, NJ should stretch. He's exactly what the Dr ordered.
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