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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>Wouldnt Matheson and Girard deal make more sense.
Also despite being broken the year his team won a cup with him on IR
He's still got a lot of value, no where near his previous asking price but high.

Ylonen(Ranta type but more defensively focused i guess kinda like lehkonen lite the AHL edition lol )
Norlinder(top AHL LD having a solid year under Coach Houde)
1st in 2025 Top 10 protected
2nd in 2023
4th in 2023


Girard (good option but is a Petry+ not a Weber so he's best left on 2nd pair but MTL lacks a true top pair RD prospect so he'll do for now)

Then MTL trade them Monahan 50% RS for a 1st in 2023 and Ranta
MTL gets a 1st back and a Ylonen type prospect between NHL fringe and AHL Starter.
Its still a big pay for both teams but COL comes out ready to defend their cup better after some big loss's.
Matheson and Monahan fill holes COL needed filled both short and long term but shaves a year term and 125k a year off the contract committment over Girdard.
Matheson will occupy Girard's role for slightly less cash and like Girard can play both sides of the ice and a complete 200ft physical game.</div></div>

That is way too much for Girard. I swear, he's the most overrated player on this site by a large margin. He isnt a top pair D. He would be a placeholder for Guhle/whomever they draft whether Allen or Reinbacher. Habs would only trade for him at a bargain not top dollar, Avs will have to trade Girard or Byram if they want to compete for another Cup with their depth being in question which they dont lack on the backend.
Forum: Armchair-GM12 nov. 2022 à 13 h 3
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MeetYourMakar</b></div><div>Hokay so, Girard will not hinder Byram's extention. He can be bridged or given a 7x8. Toews resigning is the only issue but the cap will increase and it still maybe doable. Depends on if he wants closer to 7 or 10m. Girard is too valuable to be made expendable because of his low cap hit will be nearly impossible to replace unless Guhle(or similar rfa) is coming back. You cant replace a 2nd pair lhd/rd and a 2c for 5m. You can keep the broken toys.
Lehky wasn't a massive overpay because the Avs knew Barron wasn't going to be ready for a few years. Overpay at the moment but your right, it burned the Habs in the end.</div></div>

Nobody thought Lehkonen was an overpay from the Habs side as ppl knew his value. You're making the same mistake, again, saying these are broken toys when Edmundson has a reasonable 3.5M deal til next year and a 2nd round pick is a huge bargaining chip that helped you get Toews in the 1st place! You are counting on a lot of maybes, in your own words, with the cap increasing but in this reality, this year, it aint increasing and you have massive hole in the lineup at center. I'm not claiming Drouin is worth much of anything but hes a dirt cheap option, hell disregard him. Like it or not Girard or another D needs to go! The same as Toews left the Isles for two picks, i dont see how you missed that disconnect. Nobody is paying more than a few picks for Girard.
Edmundson and a high 2nd is certainly comparable.
Forum: Armchair-GM12 nov. 2022 à 12 h 24
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMBL</b></div><div>Not everyone reads the description, so perhaps they assumed from the title this was a typical "Anderson is worth a ton" ACGM thread but you're specifically talking about the value he brings to the Habs. Or maybe they just have it out for Anderson.

It's normal to have first assumptions about things, but that's why discussion is important.</div></div>


Same for Girard. He's valuable but the Avs certainly cant afford him. He's not a luxury they can afford any longer. It will be a choice between him and Byram next season especially when they need center help in the 2 hole.
By getting a draft pick and secondary scoring along with a legit playoff performer like Edmundson with massive respect in the league would do them wonders though Girard is clearly the best player in the trade, they dont NEED him, they need stability and cost certainty which the lower cap hit next season provides so they can fill gaps in the roster for the bottom 6. This should be the goal of a trade helping BOTH teams! Trading Anderson by dumping his deal does not help the Habs, it actively hurts the development of their youth when you have guys like Suzuki/Caufield/Dach helping the team ALL under 23 yrs of age along with so many pieces on defense. Guhle clearly is going to be a leader on this team.

Edmundson's worth was not questioned before the season but the emergence of Guhle and Suzuki while not being affected by the captaincy makes Edmundson replaceable with so many LHD coming. Anderson isnt replaceable on this team YET, they still lack size in the top9 and Josh shouldnt be included in any offers unless its a massive overpay though as we saw with Lehkonen whos missed badly as a puck retriever, could come back to bite them!
Forum: Armchair-GM12 nov. 2022 à 11 h 56