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Forum: Armchair-GM15 jun à 15 h 25
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DontTradeDougie</b></div><div>Sabres decline</div></div>

They want to decline. At the end of the day, if Eichel publicly asks for a trade and sits out, Buffalo is no longer in the drivers seat. Eichel's value starts to lower and now Buffalo loses value if that happens. Buffalo then has to make the best deal they can, but it likely will not be the value fans feel he is worth.

I wouldn't make this offer to Buffalo. For a couple of reasons. One Reinhart wants out so his value is limited unless a trade to a team closer to home which he is rumored to be want. Basically if he signs a one year in Buffalo teams can have him for free in a year. Eichel surgery is scary for the team that trades for him. I have an issue trading Tkachuk away unless the other team over pays. I see him as the C and heart and soul of this team after Gio is gone. Calgary is not good enough to challenge for a cup and the trade is a win now move to get some playoffs games (which Calgary ownership seems to have as a business model). For me its Monny, Johnnny and one1st's and a 2nd ( bumo up to another first if that's what it took) for Eichel and Reinhart. That would also give Buffalo TDL chips the next two seasons and two more potential first rounder's. Don't sell the future to continue to be mediocre. Look what's happening in the playoffs when your team is deep (Vegas), or you over pay a couple of players and handcuff your lineup balance (Edmonton). At the end of the day, Eichel after six years has not gotten the Sabers into the playoffs, that's a lot of money of zero playoff games and could also potential affect his value. I think Buffalo will have suitors that can pay way more than Calgary can so I don't see a Calgary Buffalo trade working unless Calgary over pays which would be a mistake in the long run.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Westerner69</b></div><div>Yes sir, and that is what I am afraid of. We won't get through the playoffs with this team. Gio is sliding, Gudreau, although talented, is no leaders, no fire in the playoffs, and a whiner quite frankly). Tanev is great defensively, but the contract was too much (unless Valimaki, Hanafin and Andersson have monster seasons). Markstrom scares me with that contract, past injury issues etc. I love how Tre started with this, but now what! Thanks for the respectful reply, Cheers,

I agree with what your saying abiut Johnny. He needs to learn like Ovie did what it takes to win in the playoffs. He is still an elite talent, but I do think he moves on at the end of his current deal. I’m not saying they are a Cup team, but I do think that we had some bad luck against Dallas this year (Colorado last year). The team needs to stop taking their foot of the throat. Calgary had Dallas against the ropes and it slipped through their fingers. Does the result change if Talbot doesn’t let in some softies? Does it change if Chucky doesn’t get hurt? No matter which team you are, you still need some luck to win the cup

I hope that Markstrom can help with the soft goals that hurt us. Tanev remains to be seen if its a good or bad deal. Miles on his body are a concern, but it may be a good deal for the first 2-3 years and hopefully the cap goes up making it not as bad if he falls off.

I think, we need to not sell our younger guys short. Up front Mangiapane and Dube have progressed very nice. Hopefully Sam finally lives up to his draft status. if those happen on the ront end, we have more weapons.

On the back end, hopefully Valimaki, Andersson and Hanafin also continue to grow. If they do, awesome, I think it takes this team further along.

If Tre trades Johnny, we are likely looking at a lower offensive player coming back and futures. Calgary is pushing to contend now and I am not sure they are as far off as we think. Talbot makes that save in the last 12 seconds, Calgary is up 3-1 and likely wins the series. Would they have gone to the finals?,who knows but they would have made round two. Once your in you never know what can happen.