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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hanson493</b></div><div>true but you also have a young crop of players coming up that should fill out your bottom 6 in 2 years... mclaughlin, steen, lauko, studnicka, merkulov, beecher those guys should all be relatively cheap. obviously ALL wont hit but you gotta take a chance or move on from them to acquire better players up top.

true projection purposes. swayman gets roughly 5m long term. pasta gets a big raise. idk how much but lets say in the 8-10 range (likely higher in that range which scares me a little) thats 15m of the 25 currently available now trades will obviously change that. reilly is 3m out the door now youre at 28m grz is 3+ if you move him, forbort is 3+ if you move him. doubt bruins resign smith after next year, same with haula and nosek potentially. theres talks of lazar coming back. frederic shouldnt make that much on his next deal. i still project lysell as an nhl player sooner than later. debrusk likely moved idk who they use to fill his role (maybe lysell).</div></div>

I'll be honest I have little to zero confidence in Boston developing forwards lol. Since 2015 the top 5 forwards they've developed (based on GP)

1. DeBrusk
2. Frederic
3. Studnicka
4. JFK
5. Senyshyn

I really just don't see them buying out Foligno to save $700k this year but spend $933k the following year. If they waive him maybe they get lucky and someone claims him. He'd have a $3.8 million cap hit, but only only $2.8 in actual money. Could they explore a trade post his bonus payout as well? sure. ARZ is going to need help getting to the cap floor. Would they take him for future consideration, retain 50% and flip him to a team not on his NTC for a late round pick? maybe.
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