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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ngikas</b></div><div>I think this is an interesting take. Production wise both players are pretty similar. If you look at Pasta's career stats after 354 games (Eichel's current career GP) they would be 158-174-332 to Eichel's 137-200-337. So pretty even. I would assume Pastrnak's advanced stats would be better skating alongside Bergy and Marchy. I also don't know much about analytics but <a href="/users/ON3M4N" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@ON3M4N</a> knows more about that if he wants to chime in. Eichel being a center gives him more value than Pastrnak. I don't know how much, probably very little in a Pasta-Eichel swap. Eichel is 7 months younger than Pastrnak, again small value added to Eichel. Contract wise, a 48 goal scorer at $6.6M is a steal, but he will likely get to Eichel's contract when he's due to renew. I think Eichel's contract is really good value wise long term but right now Pasta's contract has the edge. I think a Eichel for Pastrnak swap would be close to a dead even trade value wise. Maybe BOS adds a pick and BUF adds a prospect or vise versa to even out the trade.</div></div>

Pasta wins in CF%, SF%, GF%, xGF% and SCF% by anywhere from 3% to 5% over the last 3 years. However I talent on Boston is significantly better than Buffalo. Looking at each guy from a relative standpoint

<strong>CF% rel</strong>
Eichel - 2.3
Pasta - 3.5

<strong>SF% rel</strong>\
Eichel - 2.3
Pasta - 1.1

<strong>GF% rel</strong>
Eichel - 8.2
Pasta - 9.3

<strong>xGF% rel</strong>
Eichel - 4.0
Pasta - 1.4

<strong>SCF% rel</strong>
Eichel - 3.2
Pasa - 3.5

Again all these are 5v5 over the last 3 season. They're pretty close to one another, but Eichel has a higher xGF% rel which make sense as Buffalo isn't a deep of a team as Boston is.

<strong>5v5 scoring since 2017</strong>
Eichel - 49G / 66A / 0.54 PGP
Pasta - 64G / 71A / 0.62 PGP

Pasta has been the better scoring 5v5, but again he's playing with better linemates. Eichel plays the more important position, but Pasta has a better contract albeit is only got a few years left and Eichel is signed long term.
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