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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AC14</b></div><div>If we take those assets for Parayko, how do you suggest we are going to replace Parayko?

Let’s look at the avenues that we have.

1. Draft - there’s a chance a guy like Reinbacher instantly has the impact Seider has had. That’s far from a guarantee. We’d be extremely lucky to get a top 4 D out of the draft in their D+3 it’s not likely, this draft is pretty rough for defensemen and extremely strong for forwards. Do we want to be the team that reaches on Reinbacher and hope he develops quickly?

2. Internally - not an option. Won’t be an option unless the player comes from this or a future draft class.

3. UFA -
2023 options - Klingberg, Dumba, Severson, Mayfield, Eric Johnson, Hamonic, Gudas, Schenn.
2024 options (if they make it) - DeAngelo, Myers, <strong> Pesce</strong>, Barrie, Tanev, Zaitsev

Of that Pesce is the only option that could adequately fill the hole. But that brings about the question, what do you do for the 24 season?

4. Trade. Who do we target that is a RD capable of playing 20++ a night and doing so with a partner who is lacking defensively yet not necessarily capable of moving the puck out of the zone or helping offensive production regularly? Or do you just say forget it we’ll try and out score our problems? There’s no good answer here, better yet there’s no option in which we are better off than keeping Parayko. The only option that would make sense or be somewhat logical would be getting a young top end D back, or getting a guy like Jokiharju someone young but has clear deficiencies and hope they can build with the core and be productive enough to not fully sink the ship and load a bunch of futures on top of said player. But who A has the young defenseman they’re willing to move and B has the cap space and is willing to pay the price?</div></div>

Based on the eye test and the analytics, the blues should take what they can get for Parayko then run for the hills.

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