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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>All_Knowing</b></div><div>Ovi-Strome-Sheary

I would like to see these forward lines. The third line (per usual) looks thin and probably will continue to struggle, but with NAK there to forecheck, could help (maybe). Cannot break up the second line - they look like they have good chemistry.

Put MoJo on the 4th, as he looked pretty solid there a few games ago. Protas needs to sit - he just doesn't do anything out there.


These, to me, are the most realistic based on what Lavy has done in the past. I would like to see TVR on the first line and Carlson on the 3rd, but that would never happen. TVR deserves more minutes and looked GREAT when Carlson was out. Would be interesting to see TVR-Carlson, but that would provide a huge hole on the 3rd RHD. Honestly, for defense, I am kinda at a loss until Orlov comes back. Forwards need to pitch in on defense to assist both the defenders and the goalies.

Big road trip coming up - need to gather some points. My prediction:

Canucks (W), Kraken (W), Flames (L), Oilers (L), &amp; Flyers (W)</div></div>

My lines would be:

Ovi-Strome-Protas (I think Protas can be that forechecking guy, has worked well with Ovi in the past)
Milano-Kuzy-Mantha (Reward Milano for strong play, give Mantha 2nd line time)
Sheary-Eller-Oshie (easily the weakest of the lines, but I'd like to see how they play anyway)
MoJo-Dowd-Hathaway (let mojo play the Hagelin role)

Fehervary-Carlson (Let Fehervary back getting 1st pair minutes)
Alexeyev-Jensen (I want to see Alexeyev get extended time, Jensen can stabilize him)
Gus-TvR (Standard 3rd pairing, let them get similar minutes to Alexeyev-Jensen if they do well)
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>All_Knowing</b></div><div>Lines this morning before Flyers:



This is the first time I have seen the forward lines and thought they looked pretty good honestly. I think Strome really compliments (consistently) Ovi. That second line looks fantastic. Third line, eh (but when does it not look eh lol). MoJo did look great on the 4th line the other day (forgot what game it was). And honestly, Kubel looked like a decent fit on the 3rd with eller and mantha..but oh well. Fourth line, honestly, I would like to see Kubel instead of Protas as he seems to be a PERFECT fit (strong on the puck, wins board battles, physical, good forechecker) for our 4th line, but small potatoes.

Defense - I mean Gus and Carlson is a pairing that is just begging to get burned. But who else would you put up there? Maybe TVR and play him on the left...? Idk.

I have always been a Carlson defender, but it is really bad that we need to play a guy with our $8mil "star" defender that will "cover" his mistakes. Anyways, got a few days off - hopefully the boys come out with some intensity.</div></div>

At this point, I’d like to see Alexeyev for a more prolonged period of time, I’d maybe have him in over Irwin and let him get a chance on the 1st pair if he does well.

Hopefully we also see Mantha swapped with Oshie eventually, I’d like to see how Strome and Mantha work together.
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